Sunday, July 12, 2009

Grafton Images

This is a photo collage of Grafton, West Virginia, taken Saturday and Sunday as we passed through. I'll have more photos of Grafton's National Cemetery and Tygart Lake in a later post.
The view from inside the 1-2-3, Grafton's coffeehouse and in my opinion home of the best coffee in West Virginia. We stopped for lunch but our friends, owner MK Stover and family weren't in. Still, we had a great lunch and MK and children stopped by to listen to me tell stories later in the evening. MK writes the Taylor County blog--stop by to read more about this unique area. (And hey, even the Governor stopped by the 1-2-3 for coffee!--read it on the 1-2-3 blog.)

Rollicking and colorful trim adorns and otherwise ordinary home. I wondered if the former residents were from Switzerland or Germany?

The layers of brick, block and stone testify to the many past enterprises of city residents. And to the hardiness of plants that find a foothold in cracks in the masonry. A lady stopped to ask me, "Are you taking pictures of what bad shape our buildings are in?" How could I explain to her that this one wall contained a whole history of optimism, entrepreneurism, and craft? Different eyes see the same things through different lenses.

Advertising signs were discovered when a dilapidated building was torn down. What a cool surprise for the demolition team!

Crocks in the hardware store window.

Old jeep trucks retired by an abandoned building.

There is much more to Grafton, of course. You can see other images on some of my past blogs about the town. Remember I tend to like photos of old, worn, quirky and unique. Grafton has new buildings and stores too, but I don't see any reason to photograph those when there are so many more interesting things to see and capture before they're gone.


Brad Mills said...

I love the building with different layers of material as well as your thoughts about the lady who commented on your taking its picture. Very well said.

I'm a sucker for old run-down buildings - particularly ones which are off the beaten path like this. So much history there... thank you for capturing and sharing it.

Granny Sue said...

Old buildings give us material for our imaginations to create stories about those who went before us; that's why I find them so fascinating. I have more to post this week, Brad, if Blogger cooperates.

Susan at Stony River said...

I like Grafton and want to go back. It was on my list for househunting. Will DEFINITELY go back for the coffee now!

Janet said...

I agree with you Susanne. Give me the old, worn, quirky and unique any day. I loved your pictures.

DGranna said...

We take long weekend trips just to get shots like these. Loved every one. My husband takes pictures, comes home and draws or paints them. He will screech to a stop to snap something that I don't even see (old tractors, signs, screen doors are right up his alley... literally.) WV may be our next destination.

Granny Sue said...

DGranna, I hope you come--you will not be disappointed. Take any little one or two-lane road and keep the camera ready.

I think you'll find much to like in Grafton, Susan. It's worn certainly and has had a lot of hard times, but there are some people trying to turn things around. The B&O station is incredible, and the river is lovely. Don't miss Valley Falls either--and my son must take you on a hike to the abandoned site of Hammond, a former brickmaking town. His photos of the place are beautiful.

Granny Sue said...

Worn and quirky kinda describes me, now I think about it--no wonder we're friends, Janet!

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