Thursday, July 30, 2009

Signs, Signs

I wonder how many lanes they thought we had on Joe's Run? One is all I've ever been aware of.

Maybe they thought we just never noticed that it was only one lane, and wanted to let us know?

Which reminds me--if you weren't a reader a year or so ago, you may have missed this post on the etiquette of driving on country roads. Be sure to read the comments too--readers offered a few more tips on comporting yourself on the byways of America.


Shannon said...

Gotta love when people state the obvious. LOL Glad you had your camera for that one! I really should take mine along more often.

Granny Sue said...

I keep not only one but two cameras with me, Shannon. Just in case a battery goes dead, you know. And something really cool pops up. I just wish my cameras were always on because so often I see something but it's gone while the camera is turning on.

Susan at Stony River said...

Beautiful road! It looks like what we drive on in Ireland. People criticise us out in the country for driving SUV because of fuel consumption, but what choice do we have? Whenever a car comes the other way we're driving half on the road and half in a ditch, or half on a stone wall, or half through mud.

The sign's a hoot!

Granny Sue said...

You'd love it here, Susan. I think it probably looks a lot like Ireland, minus the stone buildings and walls.

And yes, one tire in the dirt on the side of the road is a given.

Anonymous said...

Ha!! Thanks for the laugh!!!

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