Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally, the Weekend is in View

What a week. I've not been posting much because there has been very little time to blog. I'm behind reading your blogs too. I am on-my-knees grateful for the weekend.

What happened this week? Let's see:

Sunday was unpacking from Saturday's storytelling trip, paying bills, catching up laundry and garden day.

Monday, back to work and to finalizing a major year-end, detailed report on the library's ADA compliance efforts. Big deal, let me tell you, and all mine to do. Monday night, I was so zonked out I took a nap when I got home. I never do that.

Tuesday was more of the same, and again I conked out for a few minutes when I got home. Then we heard someone on the porch, and there were our friends from Arizona we had not seen in years! What a nice surprise. The visit was too short. They'd tried to call but we're still having problems with our phone and didn't get the message. It was wonderful to catch up on what we've all been doing. We stay in touch through email, Facebook and Christmas letters, but nothing beats face-to-face talk.

After they left, I had to get ready for Wednesday night's storytelling. I worked all day Wednesday on the report, then after work drove over to a park to tell stories to special needs young adults. The telling was fine. They are the best audience because they have no inhibitions about jumping right into the story with me. We laughed our way through Jack tales and other stories. I wish I had a photo of me with two young men over 6 feet tall, with puppets on their hands and huge grins on their faces looming over me. Too much fun!

Thursday I was determined to get the report done, so I stayed late, working about 13 hours to get it to completion. Today I wrapped it up, last check for errors, copies made, CDs burned, and sent it off in the mail--all 700+ pages. I. am. so. glad. it. is. done.

The sad part was when I returned from mailing it, there was no one to celebrate with. My boss and peers are up to their ears in another project, my next guy down is on vacation, and I was the only one responsible for getting the renovation work scheduled, completed, documented, and written up in the report--complete with at least three photos of every toilet paper roller moved, every door adjusted, every counter lowered, ramp rebuilt, etc, etc. It's been a mammoth undertaking for a staff of three maintenance guys, but it's done---or at least, the twelve-month deadlines are met. More to come in the next two years.

But today there was no one to high-five, sit down with and reminisce about the past year and the craziness of it all, the satisfaction of getting it done and knowing we've done a good thing by improving access for all. No one. So I had to wait til I came home, then grabbed the hubby, went out to dinner with friends, went to my son's house, and celebrated on the home front with those who understand the stress I've been under this year trying to see this thing through.

It's done. For now.

Tomorrow, maybe I can write a proper blog post. There's 364 days before the next report is due.



Congratulations on a job well done!!!! I know what you mean - the maing called for balloons and firecrackers. IT's GONE!!!!

Little Falls Library - NM said...

A huge high-five! It sounds like a beast to get done. Hope it will last for years.--Jane

Angela said...

¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)

I'll bet you feel like the world is now off your shoulders!

Granny Sue said...

Thank you, my friends! Indeed, it feels like a huge weight is lifted. I'm sure we'll hear from the Dept. of Justice with questions, but the big part of the job is done.

You all know how it feels to complete something like this, so your congratulations mean a lot to me.

Jai Joshi said...

Glad you can relax now and congratulations on getting through the week.

My week was a bit hectic too but in a good way.


Susan at Stony River said...

Congratulations on getting the report done and mailed! 700 pages, wow, James Michener didn't go that far LOL.

It is hard, when there's nobody to celebrate with or to pat you on the back for triumphs and hard work. I'm glad you could at least get some of that at home!

Enjoy this weekend! I hope it's relaxing and wonderful.

Nance said...

I have been there and done that -- finished a big project with no one to really know the accomplishment except yourself. So, Granny Sue . . . great job!

You have done good!

PS: I did enjoy your garage sale finds too! I love garage sales!!

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