Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rural Route

Sandyville, Rural Route 2
Spread over fifty-four miles
Of thin tangled roads
Still follows the route
From days of horseback mail
When roads were muddy trails
And it took all day to deliver
To one hundred families along the way

Years later
Housewives watched Archie
In his gray ‘52 Ford truck
Chug through fender-deep mud
Sometimes getting stuck
Men would hitch horses
Pull the truck free

These days, Jack brings the mail
traveling the winding route
In any kind of weather
Pulls up to the mailboxes
Puts down the rusted flags

He might bring a package,
Drive to the house
Pet the dogs, talk
Before crawling up the hill
In his Jeep, back to the route

Sandyville, Rural Route 2
To deliver mail
To Box 110

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