Monday, August 31, 2009

The Weekend List

Our plans for last weekend:

Dig potatoes. Plow garden and plant cover crop. Pick grapes. Make grape juice. Pick elderberries. Make jelly. Cut grass. Change the oil in my car. Dress out seven roosters and five turkeys. Go to the Joe's Run Music Jam and get some homemade ice cream. Chill by the fire pit.

What did we actually accomplish?

Dig potatoes. Check.

Plow garden and plant cover crop. Check. Turnips, lettuce, kale and other seeds await the arrival of rain.

Pick grapes. Check. Make juice. Check. Six quarts of purple passion are in the freezer.

Pick elderberries. Check. A pint of deep red juice is reserved for the making of elderberry butter this weekend, due to the promise of my neighbors that it is delicious.

Cut grass. Check. Larry did that while I messed with berries.

Change the oil in my car. Check. Larry was the man again.

Dress out seven roosters and five turkeys. Roosters--check. Turkeys--we wore out. They're on the list for the coming weekend.

Go to the music jam. Check.

Get homemade ice cream. Check--Larry took care of this one.

Chill by the fire pit. Check, for two nights in a row.

It was a good weekend, and pretty productive. As for those roosters, the hens are much happier now that the stress of so much male ego is abated. The constant crowing had to be driving the girls nuts because it sure wasn't making us happy. That makes twelve birds in the freezer for a total of about 45 pounds of chicken.

What does home-dressed chicken look like?

Like this.
What does it look like after it's been cooked?

Like this.
(You thought I was going to show you terrible pictures of the chicken-cleaning process, didn't you?)

Dinner Sunday night was chicken and noodles, made with our home-raised chicken, onions, celery and carrots. It was delicious, and a good way to end a long day.


Mary said...

I was actually expecting a photo of a beautifully roasted chicken, but the wishbone is more humorous. I'll bet the turkeys are happy for the reprieve. Your productivity amazes me!

Anonymous said...

Make a whish!!


Anonymous said...

I meant wish. I am gong to bed.

Brighid said...

Your a do'er. My list is long and getting longer,and much remains to be done, Darn. Do you have a recipe for Elderberry Pie? It's one of our favorites.

Granny Sue said...

Elderberry pie? I do not, but I'm intrigued. At writer's group last night Janet talked about grape pie, which I had also never heard about. Now I have two new pies to try!

There is a basic recipe for the pie at this site:

There are instructions for canning elderberries here, too and a recipe for elderberry-crabapple jelly. That sounds good too, and crabapples are ready right now.

Granny Sue said...

Mary, I would have, but I didn't roast this one--I cooked it with onions and bay leaves to make a good broth, and then picked the meat off the bones and put it back in the pot with the celery and carrots and some red pepper and garlic and a little more water. When the carrots had cooked a bit I added the noodles and thickened it slightly when the noodles were done with a little cornstarch. Delicious!

Granny Sue said...

Amy, we're holding the wishbone for this weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

You are to funny Sue and you make me exhausted just reading what you accomplish in a short time! tm

Granny Sue said...

Remember I have Larry right there, doing a lot of the hard stuff, Theresa. I'm lucky and I know it :) or maybe spoiled is a better sword?

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