Monday, September 14, 2009

Good News from Writing Friends

Recently many friends have shared good news happening in their artistic lives:

Eric Fritzius, who produced the podcasts with me a few weeks ago, will have one of his plays onstage at StoFest in Wheeling this weekend. For information about the festival, go to The WV Writers blog. Eric continues to produce podcasts featuring West Virginia's writers so be sure to check the blog often for new episodes.

Janet Smart, a member of my writing group Appalachian Wordsmiths, has a story included in the anthology Christmas Traditions: True Stories that Celebrate the Spirit of the Season. The book is available on and other sites. Janet was also recently accepted as a children's columnist for Two Lane Livin' so look for her first article in the October issue. And don't forget to check out her blog, Writing in the Blackberry Patch.

Another writing group member, Lois Casto, has a new book in print. Titled Bequest for Nathan, this book is the second in Lois' series about the Bandelow family. Azariah's Legacy, the first in the series, was published by Headline Books. You can read an interview with Lois online here.

Max Price learned recently that one of him poems will be included in the new book called Coal Country: Rising Up Against Mountaintop Removal. Max's poem was also included in Coal: An Anthology. Max is also a member of Appalachian Wordsmiths.

The film documentary of Coal Country has been opening to large crowds and good reviews. I hope to see it soon. The book is exciting two ways for me: Max's poem will be in it, and the book was authored by my friend Shirley Stewart Burns, wife of blogger Matthew Burns of Appalachian Lifestyles. Shirley also wrote the critically acclaimed Bringing Down the Mountains.

Matthew was featured this past Sunday on Dave Tabler's Appalachian History blog's podcast. Matthew's blog provides first-person history of the Pendleton County region of West Virginia, and includes folktales, ballads, family stories and folklore. You can still hear the podcast, so go listen if you want to hear some good storytelling.

Storyteller Lorna Czarnota has a new book hitting the shelves this week: Legends, Lore and Secrets of Western New York.

I am sure there are other friends I should have included. I am happy to know that so many are doing such good work, getting their work published and getting the recognition they deserve.

Congratulations to all!


Janet said...

Susanne, what a nice blogpost! Thanks for mentioning me. In a few days I will be having a give away on my writing blog to give away a copy of Christmas Traditions. Thanks

Granny Sue said...

I can't wait to get my copy of your book, Janet! I'm wiating, though, until I can buy it direct from you :-)

Matthew Burns said...


Thanks for the mention. I didn't know I was on the podcast, so now I'm grinnin' from ear to ear.

As for Coal Country, the book and CD will be out in November. The movie, I think, will be available around that time as well, and it is going to air on the Discovery Channel. We're still showing it all over. It is going to the west coast in October.

I didn't know you knew Max Price. His poem in the book is excellent.

Thanks so much for giving me a plug. I sure do appreciate it.


Granny Sue said...

Small world isn't it, Matthew? Max was a founding member of the writing group I'm in. I can't wait to see the movie! Wll it show at the Book Festival or anytime around Chas?

Matthew Burns said...

Since the premiere of Coal Country was in Charleston (whew, that was fun!), we've decided to focus elsewhere for subsequent viewings, however I do know it will be shown at WV Sierra Fest on October 9 at Camp Virgil Tate (I think that may be the same weekend as the book festival). Then we will show it in Morgantown during Mountaineer Week (Saturday, Nov 14 at 12pm, Gluck Theatre).

Many of the places in southern WV cancelled the venue out of fear. It is a shame because it really is quite fair to both sides of the issue. Aside from that, the film is doing quite well and is being well-received in every other location.

If you have any suggestions for a venue, we're open to them.

Susan at Stony River said...

Well, there's the Christmas shopping taken care of! LOL

It looks like a fantastic bunch of books and people; great news from everybody.

Granny Sue said...

I think I will be able to see it at the Book Festival, Matthew--if I can sneak away from my other duties there for a little while.

Susan, don't you love it when people you know get something published? I'm a slacker when it comes to submitting my work, and I well know I can't get published if I don't submit. Right now, though, I can live vicariously and celebrate when my friends do good things!

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