Thursday, September 10, 2009

New CD: In Search of a Name-and a Contest

Last night I worked late on my new CD. We edited, added music and made a few other changes. Bob Webb, who does my recordings, is a master of the art, let me tell you. I think he could make a frog sing soprano. I got home just before midnight with a new copy in my purse. Today I will listen and make notes for whatever editing is still needed. I will also be working on the liner notes for the insert, and contacting the CD reproduction company for prices and to get the project rolling in that arena.

Here's my problem: I don't like the titles I've come up with. First I called it "Appalachian Ghost Stories." All the stories on the CD are ghost stories, and there are also three ballads (murder, mayhem--you know how ballads can be).

Listening to it last night with Bob, I realized that my title wasn't really accurate. The stories are all from West Virginia, and most actually pre-date the formation of the state. If I lived in Tennessee and bought this CD, would I be disappointed to find that the stories were all from West Virginia? I think so. So "Appalachian" isn't the right word. Maybe it should be titled "West Virginia Ghost Stories and Ballads?"

The title was too bland, too. It says what it is, and that's always a good thing. Is it catchy? Would you grab it off the shelf? Find it online? Want to listen to it? That's what I need to know.

The CD will include the stories Wizard Clipp, Burnt House, a local story I call Sidna and the story of the Greenbrier Ghost, and others. The ballads are Pretty Polly, Railroad Boy, and a Greenbrier Ghost ballad that I wrote. The CD title may, of course, influence the cover art.

So I need some ideas from you. What title would grab your attention and make you yank this CD off the shelf and run to plunk down your debit card? If you suggest a title that I use, then you will get a copy of the new CD for free when it's done.

Any suggestions? I need ideas by the weekend so I can get this thing moving to the repro company.


hart said...

You could go for the sensational with Murder & Mayhem in West Virginia.--Jane

Rowan said...

Ballads are still stories aren't they? Maybe something like 'Ghostly Tales from West Virginia' ?

Country Whispers said...

I love ghost tales from WV. Right now I am re-reading Ruth Ann Musick's Coffin Hollow.
How about calling it "Ghost Stories and Ballads from the Hills of West Virginia".

DGranna said...

Thinking of "Spooky Tales and Tunes, from the Ridges and Hollows of West Virginia". Too long maybe.

Jason Burns said...

WV Ghost Stories & Ballads?

Ghosts and Ballads of WV?

Singin' and Spooks?

From the Front Porch: Ghosts & Ballads of WV?

Mountain Ghosts & Valley Songs?

Balladeerin' Granny: Ghosts & Songs of WV? (I like this one. It made me laugh).

Granny Sue's Ghost Stories & Songs from WV?

From the Mountains & Beyond the Grave: Ballads & Ghost Stories of WV?

Any of these sound good?

Granny Sue said...

Oh my gosh. What a lot of great ideas? I really felt stumped and here are all kinds of ideas. Thank you!

Any more out there? Any suggestions are welcome!

Kate Dudding said...

Granny Sue,

I started thinking but then read:

From the Mountains & Beyond the Grave: Ballads & Ghost Stories of WV

I REALLY like this title. I conceed defeat as your title writer.


Granny Sue said...

Hi Kate! I like Jason's suggestions too. But keep thinking--you may come up with something better!

BTW, your package arrived. Mystery! I have not opened it because I'd like my granddaughter to do that. I am so tickled at your thoughtfulness. Thank you!

Jai Joshi said...

'Ghost Stories From West Virginia'

'Spooked in West Virginia'

'West Virginia Haunts'

'Ghostly Calls from West Virginia'


Janet, said...

Here's a few:

Ghost Tales and Songs from Granny Sue's Front Porch

Gettin' Spooked on Granny's Front Porch

Ghost Tales and Ballads from up WV's Hollers

Ghost Tales and Ballads from the WV Hills


Angela said...

Hey Granny!

I'll give it a try!

Spirits Among the Mountains in West Virginia ~ Ghost stories and ballads by Granny Sue


Angela said...
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Jill Spealman said...

All of these are good!
Here's my stab:
Mountain Spookies from West Virginia

Angela said...

I thought of another one!

Whispering Spirits in the West Virginia Mountains


Granny Sue said...

Thanks, everyone!

Angela, your suggestion made me think, "what about Mountain Spirits"--then it hit me that people would think it was about moonshine :) wrong spirits!

Keep the suggestions coming. I'm writing the insert material today. It's a challenge in editing, trying to fit so much information into so little space.

Debbie Couture said...

Sue I was thinking about Hills and Hallows-Ghost Stories and Ballads from West Virginia and Beyond. Could it be Hills and Hollers? I looked it up and hallows wasn't one of the definitions but I saw Hollers up above too?

Almost Ghostly, West Virginia to borrow from John Denver

Granny Sue said...

Hallows is actually an interesting idea, Debbie, considering All Hallow's Eve...

I like the play on John Denver, too. So many good ideas I may have to put together another CD!

Mary said...

Not a suggestion (at least not yet), but some ideas . . . you could pick one story as your title piece perhaps . . . or what would your grandchildren say if they were asking you to tell or sing some of these works? I also just flashed on your fire pit, and imagined your telling stories by the fire after sundown . . . I can hardly wait to hear those stories!!

Marilyn said...

How about "'The Greenbrier Ghost' and Other Haunting Tales from the Mountains of West Virginia"?

Anonymous said...

I suppose you already picked your title, but anything with Stories by Granny Sue would make me pick up the CD!!! I like - A Walk Through the Mists: Ghostly Stories From WV. Or how about Fireside Chats with the Ghosts of WV? Umm...nope something misty! Love you. tm

Anonymous said...

How about "Haunting Tales from the Hills and Hollers...."

Kimberley King

Anonymous said...

Jay says BooHags and Other Tales of WV, but I don't think you have any boohag tales! tm

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