Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Flowers Wild and Domestic

Joe Pye to Jewelweed in the wild,
but Goldenrod makes the transition to a tamer environment.

Forsythia blooming in summer adds an interesting touch, as does copper fennel and pineapple sage, to garden arrangements.


  1. What a beautiful 'bunch' of photos! I love wildflowers but there aren't any out our way in the autumn. The blackberries are the last good thing to grow in August/September, and then winter turns everything brown until snowdrops and crocuses arrive. But I would love an autumn flower garden.

  2. I have heard thatblackberries are an autumn fruit in your part of the world, Susan. I suppose because the temps are so cool that they don't ripen very fast? It would be neat to have some autumn berries--when ours ripen we're already swamped with garden stuff and fruit.

  3. What's that top flower, Granny Sue? Is that Joe Pye? That one got me into trouble 2 weeks ago in western WV or eastern KY. I said to Himself, I want one of those blossoms; I think it will dry. He pulled over onto (what we call in Iowa) the shoulder and the right front tire sank into the swamp. Sank so deep I could open my passenger side door. The fella that lived just up the road said "that's swamp! Somebody's gonna have to pull you out of there!" County boys came along with the big green mowers and a chain and pulled us out. Himself was NOT happy and I kept that big blossom stalk out of his sight until we got back home to Iowa!

  4. A really useful post, I have had a big patch of pale pink flowers in one of the beds, I know I planted it myself but couldn't remember what it's called. Now I know it's Joe Pye Weed - thanks Graany Sue:)

  5. Nance, that is Joe Pye Weed. It can grow very tall, over 8 feet, and it does dry nicely if you catch it soon enough so it doesn't go to seed on you.

    I love the stuck-up story! My husband would have been annoyed too, but then when the locals arrived, he'd have been so busy talking to them he'd forget about being annoyed and he would have left with a few new friends (and if it was in WV, probably at least one long lost relation!).

    Rowan, does it grow in the UK too? I didn't know that.

  6. My husband did get over being upset . . . although he thought his Jeep should have been able to get him out of the situation.

    Those County boys wouldn't take a penny for pulling us out . . . think they were paid by being able to go home and tell the story about the old woman from Iowa and the wild flower. I went away with a feeling about meeting good people . . . and with a new, entertaining story.


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