Monday, October 26, 2009

Falling Homeward

A photo journey of the drive home:

The (only) straight stretch

Over the hill...

and down the road

cat on a wet tin roof

Up the pole bar hill

the cut-off road (cuts around the side of the pole bar hill. The cut-off road was made in the horse and wagon days to avoid taking loads over the hill in winter, but it's very muddy because of a spring that runs into it.)

Bejeweled trees

one more hill

and down the other side to where our driveway will turn immediately to the right.

We're home!


Janet, said...

Traveling is great, but it always feels good when you get back home.

Connie said...


Rowan said...

Lovely photos and all on country roads by the look of it - lucky you to have such a beautiful drive home. Reminds me of the John Denver song - different state but same feelings I should imagine.

Granny Sue said...

Rowan, this is only on Joe's Run--some of my drive is highway, some interstate and some through town and some in the city. So it's diverse! But the prettiest part is when I turn off the two-lane onto the 4 miles of Joe's run that take me home.

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