Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jackson's Mill Storytelling Photos

I only have a few from this week's festival, and none of me telling, but here's an idea of what it was like:

Pre-performance, all set up in the Assembly Hall and waiting on the buses to arrive.

Adam Booth telling to a packed house in the Assembly Hall. This is a beautiful building; the walls are entirely made of wormy chestnut wood. It was recently restored with state-of-the-art technology installed. The old and new work together quite well.

Dave Parker, the festival organizer, and me on Day 1. He's a fun guy, a musician who also has a good grasp of organizing events.
The end! The West Virginia Building is empty after the last session, only the echo of voices and stories left in the air (and a few orbs...).
Ahhh! My reward at the end of the day was this "medium" black cherry ice cream cone. Medium??? It was huge! And absolutely delicious. I found it at a neat little restaurant in Camden Station on the way home. A stop to remember. Would you believe $1,89 for this?


Susan at Stony River said...

What a perfect end to the day! I haven't had black cherry ice cream in years---or ice cream for under two bucks for years!!

The building's beautiful.

Jason Burns said...

Now why are there orbs in the WV building? There's no ghosts there *sarcasm*.

I'm glad to see this festival is still going. It was my very first experience with storytelling, and where I gave some of my very first (although somewhat labored) storytelling sessions. It's truly a beautiful place!

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