Saturday, October 17, 2009

Keeping an Eye on the Plane Van

I don't think I have an explanation for either of these. Anyone want to give it a try? What's the story I should have written about these two photos?

Sighted in Spencer, West Virginia high atop a building.

And just your plain old van in a carport near the Roane-Calhoun County line...

Click the pics to enlarge them. You'll be able to see the fine details on the eye and the printing on the van. If you're that curious.


  1. Love the plane van. CAn you imagine trying to park it.

  2. Hey Granny Sue!

    The big eye sure is a sight! lol

    The plan van looks like something you would see on the People of WalMart site! lol

  3. They got it in the carport, Ellouise--although maybe they put the wings on it IN the carport adn now it can't leave?

    Angela, you're exactly right! Can you just see it parked at Wal-Mart, and the driver looking at you like, "What?"

  4. Interesting.
    I was jealous that you seem to see all of the cool stuff, then we spotted a steer with a rope around his neck and two goats on main street when we went to town for the mail. (and me without my camera) Not nearly as cool as your photos, but a little strange nonetheless.

  5. I guess they couldn't decide whether to fly or drive.

  6. Laura, what I know of Texas leads me to think there is plenty of strange things to see there :-) Texans are as independently minded as West Virginians! I tend to travel a lot but I don't have children in school like you do.

    Janet, good point. Cloudy and foggy? Drive. Clear and sunny? Fly!

  7. Mom, you will never guess what happened on the way home from the airport. This airplane was coming in for a landing and ....

    "I know Son/Daughter, I saw the whole thing with my all knowing eye!


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