Monday, October 19, 2009

West Virginia Storytelling Festival

picture from wikipedia

I'll be performing at the West Virginia Storytelling Festival on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The festival is held at Jackson's Mill in central West Virginia. The Mill is named for General Stonewall Jackson, who spent some of his childhood there with relatives. The stone grist mill is still operational and you can see it work and buy fresh-ground cornmeal on site.
There was no festival last year. The high price of gasoline and the floundering economy did it in. It was probably a wise decision to forgo the festival given the situation, but we are glad to be back telling stories to the hundreds of school children who are bussed to the Mill for the event.
In past years we told stories in the barn and the West Virginia building, but this year there will be no stories in the barn and I have to admit I'm glad. Dust and cold do not a comfortable storyteller make! The seating and the general atmosphere were great though, and it may be that sometime we'll be in the barn again.
The West Virginia building at night is a beautiful sight, a bit haunting but then it is an old building. Its history, which you can read by clicking the above link, is interesting too, particularly the information about the large murals painted inside the building. They're on the link above as well.
See you Thursday!


Angela said...

Hey Granny Sue!

I hope you have fun! That area of Weston is a great one to be in for antique shopping! There used to be an antique store called A Penny Saved that I loved to go to. It closed a few years ago. There is another one on the corner from there.

Jaime said...

Are you going to be there on Wednesday for the school kids? That's when James is going.

Susan at Stony River said...

Oh wow, that's near our house! I wish I was there.

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