Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good-bye, Blue

Photo is from Brother Blue's website,

I remember the first time I saw him,
an ageless man in
flowing blue robes and butterflies.
Butterflies everywhere.

He came up to me and took my hand.
“You are beautiful,” he said.
I smiled and stammered something silly
because compliments so direct are as hot
as a coal in my hand. Others passing
smiled at my embarrassment. They knew Blue, you see.
He insisted, “You really are beautiful.
You are a gift. A gift.”

Later I learned his name was Blue.
Brother Blue.
Everyone knew him in storytelling world.
Blue the street rappin’ Shakespearean.
Blue the lover of peace, the speaker in tongues.
Kids, people would laugh at him
at first. But not for long. He drew you
into his world of fantasy, poetry and stories.

He knew what he was doing.

The doctor in front of his name should have been
for the healing he gave to others with his joy,
his love and compassion for all people,
every one he met. That was Blue.
From him I saw
for the first time
that I was a gift.

A gift to myself and my world.
A gift I could share through stories,
listening and understanding.

Through Blue
I learned this, as many
before and after me also heard
the same surprising news about themselves.
That was Blue’s gift, the joy he spread
as he laughed, sang and storied through life
believing always in the goodness of people.
A man adorned with butterflies, light
and love.

Good-bye, Blue. You were beautiful.
Your gift to us was you.


Markin said...

You just made my eyes tear up about a man I had never even heard about. That last line was perfect. Thank you.

Susan at Stony River said...

What a character; I wish I could have met him too. 88 years old is a long time to be spreading joy, and it makes me think I could work a little harder at that myself! What an inspiration.


Cathy said...

How beautiful. I'd have loved to have met him.

Granny Sue said...

You all would have loved him. He coupd rap Shakespeare so even the hardest kids got into it. He believed in the goodness of all of us, and spread that message everywhere he went.

Angela said...

Sounds like he was a great man.

Karen Chace said...

Your note touched on the heart and soul of the man and his spirit. He was the genuine article, good, kind and compassionate. A life well-lived, he will be missed.

Thank you Granny Sue.

Granny Sue said...

He will, Karen, he will.

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