Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!

Did you forget? Say it now, three times fast, so you'll have plenty of money this month! Click on the "rabbit" above to find out the background on this saying.


Susan at Stony River said...

Every first of every month, I see people tweet that and start their blogposts and comments with it, and every month I think "wtf?...gotta look that up" and then I forget.

Agreed about the 'lucky' rabbits foot in that other post... it sure didn't bring much luck to the rabbit, eh?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say it, but Jaime remembered. Better late than never.



Angela said...

Hey Granny Sue!

I haven't seen many rabbits this year. Lots of deer, squirrels and pigs in the road!

I've never heard of the saying of "Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit". But I have said it a lot today! Maybe I'll see a Rabbit!

I just remembered there were two rabbits in our garden this Summer! lol They really enjoyed my cabbages and banana peppers!

Granny Sue said...

I noticed the same decline in rabbits, Angela, although there were certainly a lot of squirrels. I wondered why the rabbits were scare, though.

Granny Sue said...

Susan, my mother did it and passed it on to us. Do we ever have lots of money? No. But there is always hope...maybe it takes years to actually work, a cumulative effect, you know.

Anonymous said...

Said it, then saw a white rabbit. I felt a little like Alice.

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