Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eggs, Kate and Quilts

Tonight's post is really a mishmash of several unrelated things; maybe after writing it I will suddenly see the connections, but I pretty much doubt it.

There is the issue of eggs. Lots of them. No, this isn't all the eggs currently in the house--there's another basket on the table. I didn't mean to have so many chickens, but someone gave us 14 new ones, we already had 15 new ones and 8 old ones and now we have a LOT of eggs. If someone would remember to put a note on the bulletin board at work, she could probably sell all she wanted. But does she ever remember? No, she doesn't.

So we have eggs: boiled, scrambled or fried for breakfast, egg salad for lunch, and sometimes even omelet or egg wraps for dinner. We have brown eggs, light tan eggs, cream-colored eggs, blue eggs and green eggs. Big eggs and little eggs. Enough eggs to meet the needs of seven families, I'm pretty sure. This Sunday I'll be experimenting with freezing them. Fresh eggs keep a long time in the fridge and I will need plenty for baking season, but seriously...this is a LOT of eggs.

Next, I've added several new blogs to my blogroll. Check them out to meet some guaranteed interesting people. Especially my granddaughter's new blog, The Adventures of the Everyday. Kate is 15 and her thoughts about life are worth reading at any age. Especially her latest blog on gossip. Real truths there. (Not that I'm prejudiced or anything..). Kate is featured on the cover of my new CD Beyond the Grave.

Last is something that is not so fun or funny. It was something I saw in the second-hand store. In the linens section was a little hand-tied quilt, mostly done in pinks and floral fabric. I picked it up because I am always drawn to quilts. On the back in permanent marker it said, "To Chloe from Gramps, 2008."

I don't know who Chloe is, or who Gramps is, but why was that little quilt in the second-hand store only one year later? Did Chloe accidentally leave it behind when her mother was shopping? Did her mother decide Chloe was too old for Gramps' pink quilt and give it away? Other not-very-happy scenarios come to mind, but I'd rather not even go there. Gramps had to be a special guy to be making a little quilt like that. Surely the child would loved what he made for her.

So I am clinging to the belief that Chloe dropped her quilt, and her mother will be back looking for it frantically. Yes, that has to be the explanation. Anything else is just too sad.


Jason said...

Hey if you want to bring me some eggs, I will gladly take them. See you on Saturday!

Janet, said...

You've got a lot of eggs, Susanne.

Granny Sue said...

Jason, you're on! We'lll bring some tomorrow.

Susan at Stony River said...

Oh heavens. Now I've got Chloe stories in my head like you've got eggs... and too few of them are happy!

When we had a lot of eggs I made poundcakes and other egg-heavy things and froze them.

My husband never put up flyers at work, he just brought in boxes and ice-cream cartons of eggs every other day, and his co-workers would trade him something (mostly six eggs=bottle of beer, go figure).

My cholesterol went up just looking at our photo! LOL

Susan at Stony River said...

YOUR photo I said, not 'our'. Pffft. Stoopid Blogger-comment-thingy. LOL

Mary said...

I hope your blog brings someone who knows the story . . . and I just wish I lived close enough to come help with the egg situation . . . Here is a site with advice on freezing
(Googling "freezing eggs" gets varied results).

Granny Sue said...

Susan, you made me laugh! Larry would gladly trade eggs for beer!

I am planning to try freezing some, Mary. Today at least I found a few buyers for them so the current glut will be less by Sunday thank goodness. How funny--we were low on eggs for months, then suddenly our fridge overfloweth!

Amy said...

When we became teenagers, my sister and I wanted to use ALL the space in our closet. We told mom she would have to find room elsewhere for all of the handmade dresses that our grandma ( dad's mom) had made for us over the years. She told us to put trashbags of clothes for Goodwill on one end of the hallway, and the trashbags of handmade dresses on the other end. She took the wrong bags. She tried to get the dresses back, but they had been lost in the sorting process. We were told to never tell dad.
We have pictures of the dresses, it's not a tragedy. Maybe the dresses went to some families that got a lot of good out of them.

Angela said...

Hey Granny Sue!

That is a lot of eggs! They look so pretty with all of the different colors.

I can't imagine giving away something that precious as a quilt that was made by gramps!

Jaime said...

Ah Amy... I hadn't heard that story. But I'm guessing you are both right, this little pink quilt was lost - accidentally.

And as far as the eggs - I'm always happy to help out. *grin*

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