Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Simple Holiday Gift Idea

Time is getting short, isn't it? Here's an idea for a gift that will be ready to give, and can even be gift wrapped and mailed directly to the recipient:

My latest CD of ghost stories and ballads from the mountains of West Virginia!

Beyond the Grave (the name was suggested by Jason, a reader of this blog) includes five of West Virginia's best ghost stories and three haunting ballads sung in the traditional mountain style by yours truly.

It's a gift that will please teens who are into vampires and zombies and such, as well as anyone who has roots in these mountains or who studies or just enjoys Appalachian culture. Matthew Burns published a review recently on his blog, so if you'd like to see what one listener thought of the CD, please check out his post on Appalachian Lifestyles.

The CD is just $14.95 with free shipping if you click on the Buy It Now button on the right of this blog. Your purchase will go through PayPal so you know it's easy and secure.

You can also order through online. Just search Granny Sue. Digital tracks of all stories and songs on the CD will be available within a few days on CDBaby, or you can order a real CD from them if you prefer.

OR you can mail me a check; email me at if that's the option you prefer. I'm easy to deal with :-)

Enough of this commercial! Marketing is difficult for me to do, but I honestly do think you will enjoy my CD, and it would be exciting to know my blog friends are actually hearing my stories and songs in my voice. That would be just amazing.


  1. I really liked it -- spooky but human and caring as well, and you singing is so good (and you are NOT paying me for this ;-)

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  3. Thanks, Mary! I'm enjoying Frog and Friends in the car CD player today.


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