Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last Year's Goals and Resolutions--How Did I Do?

Not too well, unfortunately. I was an ambitious one when I made the list! Let's see the results:

2009 Resolutions and Goals

1. Lose another 5 pounds. I lost 5 last year, and if I’m careful I won’t gain it back before Spring. I need to lose another 5. Didn't lose, but didn't gain.

2. Start an Ebay store and an Amazon used book store. I have stuff I never use. I have books I don’t need. I can make money, at least a little bit. I just need to get it going. I didn't do this, although I did get my new CD on CDBaby, and learned how to put PayPal buttons on my blog so I made a little progress.

4. Read at least one book a week. Nope. I started well, but then as storytelling and gardening picked up, I went back to my old habit of reading for research and not for pleasure.

5. Take a walk at least once a week. I did walk more than in past years, and took short walks almost daily at work, but not a good weekly walk.

Home and Farm:
1. pay more attention to replanting so we use more fresh food. We did this, with really good results.

2. raise more chickens and turkeys. 25 chickens, 10 turkeys so we can be more meat self-sufficient. Done, although we ended up with only 5 turkeys.

3. get more deer in the freezer. Boy did we do this one! We have plenty for ourselves and a few other people.

4. be more careful—don’t cut down plants that have cost us money, and don’t waste just to “clean up.” Weeds are better than wasted money or food. This one was Larry's and he did so-so. He cut down the new blueberry bushes--again. But the cherry tree we planted survived. He's dangerous with a weedeater.

5. build a new greenhouse. Done. We bought a simple to set up portable greenhouse and raised almost all our plants this year.

6. find a log building to move. No luck here, although we've looked.

7. wassail the apple trees! Done, and what fun it was!

Writing goals:
1. send three children’s stories to publishers. Did not do, although I started editing three stories. Wait, I take that back! I did send three to a contest--does that count?

2. submit one item per month for publication. No--I submitted more than in past years, though.

3. write more—go back to the “Wednesday night” routine. It worked. Did not do, darn it. This year maybe?

4. finish 2 of the started stories. Finished one; it won second place in the WV Writers' contest.

6. create another book of poetry. Did not do, but am talking to a publisher about one. Does that count?

Storytelling goals:
1. Produce a booklet of my programs to send out to libraries and schools. I have many programs I can do, but I don’t have them in a coherent package complete with pricing. Get it together, and start sending to one county at a time. Use this to replace the newsletter. It will be more useful, and the blog is taking over for the newsletter anyway. I did part of this. I completed the booklet of programs for libraries and sent it to 45 libraries in the state. The result was more storytelling work for libraries this past summer than any other year.

2. Finish my CD, plan another one of children’s stories. Done.

3. Develop at least 3 new stories. Done.

4. Learn three new ballads. Done.

There you have it--some successes, some failures, some in between. There are many things we did that were not on the list; priorities change as the year goes on, so what seemed important at one point was bumped by something more pressing or opportune.

Now that I've reviewed my list, it's time to write this year's goals. What to put on it? That's food for thought today.

How about you? Do you make a New Year's list of what you want to accomplish? Connie at WV Fur and Root wrote an introspective post about her efforts over the past two years; like my lists, hers are a mixed review of what happened and what didn't. But if we did not try and did not allow ourselves to change our priorities, the list would become a burden and not an inspiration for progress. So we try and try again, and occasionally along that path we have some success.


Janet, said...

Looks like you did pretty good at keeping your resolutions, especially the story telling ones. That tells me that you love storytelling, but I already knew that. I'm going to have to make a list, I seem to accomplish more whenever I make a list.

Granny Sue said...

I noticed that too, Janet--the storytelling goals seemed to take center stage this past year. But I wasn't happy with my writing progress. Part of it is that our group hasn't met often so I'm not motivated as I should be. And part of it is the fact that submitting work is, as you know, the more difficult part of writing. So this coming year I need to think about that and how I want to address it. Food for thought.

Liz said...

Happy New Year Granny Sue! Good luck with your goals this year. PS - I've had some success selling old books on Amazon, I definitely recommend it!

Mary said...

You amaze and inspire me (and exhaust me a little, too, just reading all you've done). As for "I did send three to a contest--does that count?" YES, it counts!!
Happy New Year, good friend!

I have made some storytelling goals: reissue the Courage and Wisdom CD, apply to Exchange Place (you should also!) and Northlands and NSN in L.A.
Some health goals: continue aqua-aerobics, return to yoga, and eat more healthfully.
And resolve to spend more time as a human be-ing, not always a human doing . . .

Granny Sue said...

Thank you, Liz. I have several books I need to sell so I'll be investigating options.

Granny Sue said...

Mary, I think you should definitely re-issue the Courage and Wisdom CD. I certainly enjoyed it. I especially like your last resolution; it's something I too often forget in the rush to get things done. Thank you for the reminder.

Connie said...

Thanks for the nod, Granny!

I'm so out of the writing habit, I can't imagine getting anything ready for submission. For the moment, I'm happy blogging, but it remains to be seen if I can do that regularly.

I love looking at people's resolutions as well as seeiing what they pulled off and what they didn't. It's a fairly intimate part of one's life and I always feel honored to be allowed a glimpse.

Y'all have a happy (and productive) New Year.


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