Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winter Haiku


woody fingers stretch

stripped ebony limbs beseech

beg winter's mercy

Interior Decorating

Icicles curtain

Windows to a frost-tipped world

Inside, white-hot fire

Soul Food

Chocolate-brimmed mugs

cinnamon buns with icing

altar offerings


ragged print patches

rub rough against pale dry skin

mothballs scent old wool


Rusty steel hinges

creak, ashes spill fire-hot on floor

frosty nostrils singe


flour, soda, salt

butter, milk, mix together

bake, eat--piping hot

Strawberry Jam

Jars of summer's sun

sweeten winter's sere cellar

hold sunlight hostage


pile on blankets

snuggle deep in fleece cocoons

recover lost dreams


Anonymous said...

I loved these!!!!!!

Granny Sue said...

Thanks, Amy. I think I was trying to capture winter's senses, now that I read what I wrote I can see the underlying idea, which I didn't realize as I wrote--sights, smells, tastes, textures. But I missed sounds. What does winter sound like?

Susan at Stony River said...

The first one's my very favourite, but the last one comes close. Together they make a wonderful portrait of winter pleasures!

As to the sounds? I think one of winter's best features is its hush and silence: everyone hunkered down, snow keeping the dry leaves quiet, birds gone away south. So maybe you *did* capture the sounds, by leaving them out? LOL

Tipper said...

I enjoyed them all! Nice.

Nessa said...

Those are very evocative haiku.

Granny Sue said...

The quiet--that's the sound I want, Susan. You're right.

Thank you, Tipper and Nessa. Haiku are an exercise in word selection, like Susan's Monday Microfiction. You have to choose carefully to convey just the impression/feeling you seek.


And you picked great words! They are doing exactly what you wanted. I love the last one - the warm cocoon - my favorite place in the winter.

Mary said...

Lovely. I feel cocooned in your comfortable, loving home when I read these.

Mary said...

Lovely. I feel cocooned in your comfortable, loving home when I read these.

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