Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Cold Snowy Day: What to Do?

Each day I find myself feeling more focused, calmer and while not quite accepting what is, at least being able to get through the day with some level of enjoyment. Happy? Sometimes, but more often meditative. There is still a hard pain in my chest that does not go away, tears always seem at the ready (who knew we could have so many?) and stress over little things is not far away, but I am finding a footing again. Day-to-day routine, conversations with family and friends, and memories get me through.

Today is another snowy, cold, windy day, perfect for being indoors. Larry, of course, had to go to town--he can't stand but so many days at home while I can't stand the idea of going out. So go he did, the usual rounds of feed store, library, grocery store and post office. A few minutes ago he called--he's stuck! In his 4-wheel drive, of all things, on the bad hill that we never drive in this kind of weather. We have two ways to get home; the bad hill is shorter and my favorite route, but in the snow we just don't do it, because we could so easily get stuck. What was he thinking? Only a man would know--there is something about a challenge, I suppose, that drives them to do so many of the things they do. He's on his own--I can't help him. So it looks like he'll have a cold 2-mile hike home and the lovely prospect of trying to get the truck out at some point.

As for me, I am cozy at the house, feeling sorry for him but also, I have to admit, amused in that what-the-heck-was-he-thinking kind of way. I just hope that 1, no one else tries to go up the hill and get stuck because of his truck being in the way, and 2, that he doesn't tear something up getting it out.

I've been busy, too, continuing my pattern of doing small routine tasks that keep my mind occupied. I baked the last of our butternut squash, a big one that was full of seeds. The seeds are now drying out in hopes of planting in the warm weather.
Tipper's blog the other day reminded me that I had not yet tried cooking our leather britches beans, so I have some soaking and intend to give them a try. I'm following her instructions; so far they just look--dry.

We're still not using the dryer, but on a day like this I'm not hanging anything outside. Instead I've put up the drying rack behind the woodstove and have a load of clothes hung up to dry.

Thank you notes are another task for today, a bittersweet one that reminds me that in my sorrow I have many companions and comforters. The log room is a good place for writing, with the fire burning brightly and music playing while the snow blows past the windows.

I've also been cleaning lampshades. Years ago someone told me that snow is great for cleaning rugs because it's actually grainy and acts as a scrubbing agent. I tried it and it worked and I've been doing it when it snows ever since. Today I noticed that my lampshades were really dusty (courtesy of that dryer probably) and I thought I'd try cleaning them in the snow. It works! I just rolled them around in clean snow, used a stiff brush to scrub them, knocked off any excess snow, and put them back on the lamps to dry.
The lamps look brighter, and this was exactly what I needed for those twig shades that are so difficult to clean. Add another good use for snow besides cleaning rugs, snow ice cream, melting for water when the electric is off...what else do you use it for? With so much of it around this winter, there must be other things we can do with it.

So that's my day. I expect it will be a while before I see Larry, poor man, and even longer before I see the milk, seed potatoes (I'm an optimist, aren't I?) and other things he was bringing home. In the meantime, it's back to writing thank-you notes for me, with music, fire, hazelnut coffee, and my cat for company.


Susan at Stony River said...

Oh poor Larry! But you're right, and mine did another one of those 'you-did-WHAT's today that just had me shaking my head.

You've almost got me *liking* snow--I'm going to try those tips too. We'll be planting seed potatoes soon too; spring is closer every day!

I hope Larry came home safely to you and the warm house, and the hazelnut coffee sounds divine --keep taking good care of yourself and the days--

Tipper said...

I'm hoping Larry made it home by now.

We liked the leather britches-hope you guys do to. Your snow is pretty-but I'm kinda glad we only got a dusting this time.

Sounds like you're doing good today-and that makes me happy.

Country Whispers said...

Poor guy!
It must definitely be a MALE thing.
They must try it even if they know it will not end well.
Sure hope he made it home before frostbite set in.
It leaves me wondering if men ever grow up?????
Evidence suggests that they don't!
*wink wink*

Nance said...

You are the optimist, Sue, ordering the seed potatoes. Do you plant them on Good Friday, as they do here in Iowa? I told my husband a few days ago, this (2 foot of)snow better get to melting -- and soon! or I was going to start the garden inside, in the house! I have cabin fever and guess Larry does too -- he went to town. Did he get home again?

Janie B said...

Sure sounds cozy at your house. It makes you wonder why men need to go anywhere. :) Hope he got home okay. Enjoy the fire.


Sue, Where is Larry? Hope he had his boots with him for the long cold and wet walk. IMHO there is nothing like the simple tasks for settling. Its important stuff.

Jackie said...

Reading your blog makes me want to move to West Virginia out in the country!

Granny Sue said...

Larry had to walk home, then we called son Derek who came to help. The school bus also got stuck on our road, so all the neighbors were out getting their kids and getting the bus out. Larry had reinforcements to help him with the truck, but as of this morning it's still stuck, although it is at least out of the way so hopefully no one else will slide into it on this one-lane road. Quite the exciting day on the holler :-)

Jai Joshi said...

It's in doing the normal mundane things that the world starts to seem real again and we begin to heal.

I'm fascinated by the idea of snow being a good cleaning agent. I've never tried it but now I will. Next time it snows I'll try it out on my rugs. Thanks for the tip.

I hope Larry comes home ok from his hike in the snow. Poor man.


MimiRock said...

I've been thinking of you a lot, Sue. Spent some time on your blog tonight to bring myself up to date. Thanks for the tip on using snow to clean lamp shades. The next time we get enough on the ground, I'll try it.

I want to comment on your finding little things to do. Keep at it, because it allows you to feel some control over those parts of your life that you can control. And having that feeling is what keeps us stable.

When I came home after my hospitalization last
April of all things I found myself cleaning out and organizing my jewelry box. My friend, who is a marriage/family counselorwas and my caretaker that day analyzed that for me and it was so right on target. I think that's what's going on with you.

When something happens to us that we have no control over, then it's important to our mental health to get some control over something in our lives so we can get back to and feel normal.

You have my empathy, Sue, as well as my sympathy. Mimi

Connie said...

Granny Sue,

You're in my thoughts. . .


Maggie and Roger said...

I used the snow to clean the cats and dog and our boots. I just did the rugs today from my car. Very good job it did too!!
We also got to send the kindergarten outside for recess. That cleaned their little spirits as well. :)

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