Friday, March 19, 2010

Winning Words

Here's the official winning list:

1. March (of course, the obvious!)
2. arch
3. arm
4. arc
5. am
6. a

7. charm
8. char
9. car
10. cam
11. cram

12. ham
13. harm

14. ma
15. mar
16. mac
17. mach
18. marc

19. ram

Many people included the following (Brenda's winning entry did too, but I did not count them):
These are exclamations, but not considered words--at least by me and my dictionary.

I keep wondering is there were other words we could have made--isn't cham a word, for example? or har? Guess not.

Thanks again for playing, everyone.


Tink said...

So glad you posted the words. It was driving me crazy, I had 18 words but could not come up with 19.The "A" got me! lol....

Granny Sue said...

You weren't alone, Tink!

Jai Joshi said...

It's funny, I've always been terrible at games like this. I'm terrible at scrabble too.


Brenda said...

Hi Susanna,

As I mentioned in my email, I first saw your website about an hour or so before the deadline of the word challenge. It was fun participating in the word challenge, but more importantly, I've really enjoyed reading through your posts and being inspired. I look forward to checking your site regularly.


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