Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Cabin Project

We officially started on the cabin project tonight and in about an hour's time we had completely filled our truck with trash and a few treasures.

I doubt you want to hear about the huge bags of old polyester clothing we cleaned out, but you might be interested in what we found that I consider treasures.

Here's a partial list:

-one child's tricycle from the 1950's or 60's
-two woven split-bottom chairs, painted white
-one carved wood chair with lovely plastic seat cover--I use the word lovely with dripping sarcasm, but the chair is pretty nice
-one older chair with candlestick legs, I think they're called. It has some damage but probably reparable
-one rustic library-style table, possibly made with wormy chestnut; very primitive style
-one rustic corner cabinet with some damage that is not too extensive, painted white
-a small milk glass cosmetic jar, with some contents--that still smell good
-a set of old metal bed springs that Larry plans to use to smooth the soil in our gardens

Other things we noted and will bring home later:
-a clayback gas heater
-the mantel from the stone fireplace
-a screen door in rough but possibly reparable condition
-two wood doors with pulls that look original to the cabin
-a big stone crock with the bottom completely gone. I'll use it as a flower planter

There may be more as we dig through the rubble. It will be careful work, though, since the cabin is in precarious condition. One wood door, for example, seems to be supporting the roof of the almost collapsed kitchen addition. There are many soft spots in the floor that warn of rot below the rubble, and nails, broken glass and sharp edges abound.

I will post some pictures tomorrow--tonight Blogger is not cooperating.


lisa said...

I just read your new adventure and then had to read about you taking down the other cabin...How exciting for you..It sounds like you have found a lot of nice things and I hope you find alot more..Have fun with this new venture..I am so excited for you...Lisa

Nance said...

Loved all your finds . . . but what era this

"cosmetic jar, with some contents--that still smell good"

Good reading, Sue. Interesting content. Can't wait for the pictures.

Granny Sue said...

The cosmetic jar looks like an Avon product, probably from the 60's or 70's, Nance. It's hard to tell since there is no label, but I seem to recall similar bottles from my teen years.

It's funny about this cabin--although it is very, very old, there are things that seem so out of place--like the TV antenna wire stretched across the back of it. Of course if it was lived in until 1994 they would have had TV, but knowing that it is possibly the oldest house in the county just makes TV so out of context.

Nance said...

gives me goose bumps! That this could be the oldest house in the county (what county is that, Sue? I should know . . . I'm sure you've told us) The oldest home AND with some sweet smelling Avon from the mid 20th century, all at the same time. How extraordinary is that!

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