Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Surprise Package

A soft little package arrived in the mail this week.

I wasn't expecting anything. No eBay purchases all week. And the return address was for New York state. What could it be?

Surprise! Hand-knitted socks by my good friend Kate Dudding! How wonderful! I used to love the socks my mother made for me, so cozy-warm in winter. It has been some years since I've had the luxury of handmade socks, and these are just beautiful with their cheery red color and stripes.

Now how did Kate know my size? That, as it turns out, is quite a story. She searched my blog first for some mention of my shoe size, but no luck. Although it seems I've shared a lot of my life here, apparently I haven't told anyone that I wear a size 7.5 yet.

So Kate dug deeper. She knew Jaime was my daughter-in-law, but could find no contact information for her. So then she saw Connelly & Associates in my sidebar. That was my son's company and Kate knew my brother and other family members were there. So she followed my link and called them. She reached Emily, my niece, who was able to supply her with Jaime's number, and Jaime just happens to know my shoe size.

That is some detective work! Kate, I wonder if you have to do this very often? I think some investigators could use your services!

Thank you, thank you for the lovely socks. I will be trying them out this weekend when the weather is supposed to turn cold again. My toes, however, will be snuggly warm.


Josee said...

You lucky gal! Those are lovely socks.

gigihawaii said...

how nice of her. What a true friend!

Granny Sue said...

Qren;t I the lucky one, though? Good friends are like treasrues, more valuable than jewels.

I have one more surrise package to show you ll, andwill do so when I return home. (Cathy, it has your name on it!).

Kate Dudding said...

Dear Granny Sue,

I was thinking about you all the time I was making your socks, including while I was at Sharing the Fire -- the Northeast Storytelling Conference last month.
It was my great pleasure to make them for you.

Thanks for your public thank you!



Country Whispers said...

What a nice surprise. I bet you could use those this weekend with these chilly temps.

Mary said...

Kate, Sue -- two of my very favorite people. What a lovely story! Thanks!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hand-knitted socks - how very cosy Sue. I used to love knitting them on four needles - you have given me the urge to try again.

Jaime said...

Kate, those are absolutely beautiful socks and the story warmed both mine and Aaron's hearts.

TheresaandJay said...

I think Kate is an angel. What a wonderful sweet thing to do.

Granny Sue said...

She is indeed, Theresa. A special person--just like Mary Garrett who knitted that little apple hat when Michaela was born. Friends far away are as close as friends close by because they know how to reach out. I'm blessed.

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