Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Triathlon

The kayaks were ready to go on the banks of the Greenbrier River in Marlinton, WV.

The runners were lined up for the take-off. Aaron gave us a wave as he prepared for the first leg of the trip, a 3 mile run.

The runners take off. There were 425 registered for the race, I heard.

George and Derek were the first two of our five family members to make it to the kayaks after the three mile run. The next leg was a 4-mile kayak run down the river to where their bikes were waiting for them. George is in the upper center in white shirt and yellow cap; Derek is to the right by the tree, in black.
Aaron crosses the finish line at the end of the race!

Jared and Haley, Derek's children competed too, and finished not far behind their Dad and uncles. Haley placed second in the youth solo division overall and was first in female solo youth--and she beat out 5 teams! (Teams could have different people doing each leg of the race. Haley did all three legs of it by herself.) What a girl. The guys did respectably, no prizes except the satisfaction of finishing the race.
It was a beautiful day racing, cool and cloudy. It must have been a beautiful feeling for our five competitors at the end, to know they had actually finished their first-ever triathlon. I know I was excited! What a day.


Nance said...

this was a special day for your family . . . good job, all!

I love the photos of the boats. Nope. not boats (they must be kayaks).

I love the boats of many colors.

Granny Sue said...

That's my favorite too, Nance. They were so pretty I wanted to jump in one and go downriver. I'm thinking maybe I need to try a kayak--I've never wanted to before because I panic if I fall in water. Not good. But maybe a kayak in a shallow river...

Nance said...

The boats are so pretty I could eat them . . . and make me think of tulip beds, of all things!

I am nervous around water too. I have learned to like being ON the water, in a boat (the bigger the better) but I can paddle around a little, in the water now, at my great age. lol!

Twisted Fencepost said...

In my younger years I maybe could have done this, but not now. Not that I'm old, just out of shape.
Kudos to those who can!

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