Saturday, May 29, 2010

Drumroll Please: The Giveaway!

And now....the CSN Stores Giveaway to celebrate my anniversary today!

102 of you commented this week, making you eligible for my giveaway. I have enjoyed reading all of your posts and thoughts. What a community this is--supporting, funny, thoughtful, and sharing. Thank you all for visiting.

I used the Random Generator to select the winner (boy, does that thing work great!) and the winner was number 94--Nance! Congratulations!

Please send me your email address, Nance and I will hook you up with CSN so you can claim your prize. Please be sure to let us all know what you selected from all the great things available at CSN.

Next I need to go outside and hug my honey, who is on the tractor plowing the ground for the pumpkin patch.

I promise, though, that our anniversary won't be all work. We'll be at the Vandalia Gathering later today to listen to good old-time music and see friends; maybe dinner out and then back to the Gathering for the evening concert. This will be a good day. Then tomorrow? I'm telling stories at Vandalia and judging the West Virginia State Liars Contest. Come on down!


Angela said...

Congratulations Nance! Hope you pick out something good that you'll enjoy!

Happy Anniversary Granny Sue! Hope you and Larry have a wonderful time this weekend!

Granny Sue said...

Thank you, Angela! I wish I could have given the prize to each person who entered--now THAT would have been fun.

Country Whispers said...

Congrats to Nance and hope you both enjoy your anniversary!

Susan at Stony River said...

Woot! Congratulations to Nance, and congratulations to you too on this fall's pumpkins!

We'd hoped to get to the Vandalia gathering too, but tomorrow we'll be in Huntington, and then Monday at Prickett's Fort. Hopefully Tuesday brings us back to normal! It's been a whirlwind two weeks.

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