Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Beautiful Morning in May

The new gravel arrived and my car no longer looks like a reject from a mudbog event,

the early vegetables flaunt their green against a wygelia backdrop,

the iris and other flowers cover up the fact that weeds run rampant beneath,

a shy white rose shows its petals in a shady spot,

and spiderwort, coneflower, coreopsis and sedum tell me that sometimes I just plant too much too close--but they forgive me anyway.

And that reminds me of one of my favorite ballads, one with a happy ending, surprisingly, called Pretty Fair Miss:

A pretty fair miss all in her garden,
when a fine young soldier come riding by.
and then he stepp-ed up right up to her,
Said, 'My pretty fair miss, will you be my bride?

Oh go away, oh go away
you're not the man I thought you to be
for if you were a man of honour
you would not have spoken such words to me.

'I have a true love in the army,
And he's been gone for seven long years.
But if he gone for seven years longer,
No man on earth could marry me.'

what if he's drown-ed in the ocean,
Or if he's ons on some battlefield slain,
or if he's to some other girl married,
And you will never see him again?
Well if he's in the occen drown-ed,
or if he's on some battlefield slain,
or if he's to some other girl married,
I'll love the one that's loving him.

He put his hand into his pocket
and he pulled out a golden ring.
she looked and saw it was the ring,
the very ring she'dd given him.

He pulled her into his arms,
and kisses gave her one two three.
said I am the man that once did love you
and now please miss, will you marry me?


Carmen C. said...

What lovely pics, love the white rose! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Granny Sue said...

I'm out to the garden now, Carmen, to dig a few plants for my sisters. Maybe I can get a few weeds pulled at the same time!

Angela said...

Your yard is looking beautiful with all of it's green and blooms!

Loved the ballad!

Granny Sue said...

I tried to find a link to someone singing the ballad online, Angela, but I wasn't successful in the few minutes I had to look. I'll try again, because it's a tender melody. This ballad, like so many others, has several names so if I search under an alternate title I might find it.

Matthew Burns said...

This is one of my favorite ballads as well. I think it is more recently known as "Pretty Little Miss (out in the garden)". I believe I have a version with Ralph Stanley doing it, so that would indicate that it's fairly popular.

Youtube has several versions of this ballad, try searching under the name "Pretty Fair Maid Out in the Garden".

Hope this helps.

Janet, said...

I like the ballad. My flowers are full of weeds, too. I was just outside and pulled a few until I saw the poison ivy and decided to stop until I put my gloves on.

kvsmm said...

So beautiful! Amarillo is wonderful because my grandbabies are here, but I miss spring in West Virginia. What I like most here is the wind! No joking, I love wind and no matter how warm it gets here, those 50 mph gusts keep you cool. We had beautiful green leaves, then a big wind storm and no more leaves! Tell ya what, they have some tough birds here. All the babies are being born right now, and those nests don't move no matter how bad the wind. Have a lovely day Up the Hollar!

Markin said...

This it, Susanna? The lyrics are right, anyway:


Nance said...

not too much better than new gravel -- new, well graded gravel. Here in the midwest, they keep using bigger and bigger gravel and the road grader pushes it all up in the middle of the road. I am not sure of the reasoning behind that. I did love those lyrics and will try to hear an audio of that.

Granny Sue said...

Thank you, friends, for the additional information about the ballad! I have not yet sung this one in performance, but I sing it often out in the garden...wonder why?

Ingrid, I'm trying to picture baby birds shivering in leafless trees in a high wind. Poor little things! Tough birds as you say.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Cute ballad!
You plant too close and I plant too far. But I'm planning to start a little closer. I like the way they crowd out the weeds!

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