Friday, July 30, 2010

So sad to see it end

This is the last day at Augusta. I can't believe this magical week is over. We just finished the student concert, and the last, rousing, rocking song to be sung? Country Roads, Take Me Home. Not to be believed--you'd have to hear it with the Irish musicians providing the music. What a sound!

I'll be heading home tomorrow to catch up on mail, laundry, and all the mundane things of life. Larry tells me there's a bushel of tomatoes and one of cucumbers waiting on me, but I am hoping he gave them away because I will need to get ready for storytelling in Pittsburgh next weekend. Whew! This has been a busy summer. After The Three Rivers Storytelling Festival life should slow down a bit. I hope some tomatoes and cucumbers can wait on that.

There is another event I'm looking forward to--granddaughter Jordan will be performing with the oldtime/bluegrass/country band called Hillbreed on August 13th at the Alpine Theatre in Ripley. It's exciting to see her getting back into singing, after taking about a two-year break to get married, go to school and have her little daughter. If you're in the area, I hope you can come and enjoy. Hillbreed is a fun group to see perform.

The library here at Davis and Elkins is getting ready to close, so that's all for now. I will try to post some photos, etc when I get home tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the drive goes well--one tire on my car keeps losing air, so I've been running into town every day to keep it pumped up. Fix-a-Flat, here I come!


Janet, said...

I would love to have heard Country Roads with the Irish music! Have a safe trip home.

Country Whispers said...

Country Roads gone Irish?
I too would have loved to have heard that.
Hope you make it safely home without any problems.

Granny Sue said...

Back home and safe! I had the tire repaired before I left Elkins--fortunately it wasn't a bad problem.

Country Roads didn't exactly go Irish, although the musicians were all Irish or English--or Canadian--and there was also a French fiddler. All Celtic, anyway. But the lyrics and the melody were the same one we know and love.

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