Thursday, August 5, 2010

White Visitor

The photo quality isn't good, but I am curious as to what bird this is. It was wading in the lake on Joe's Run yesterday evening--on the far side, of course, so getting a decent photo even with 18x zoom proved difficult. My mind is saying egret--is that correct?

There are photos and information on this website, which lists my area as a migratory area. So is he/she traveling early, or late?

A bit about egrets in medieval Chinese literature can be found here, with a lovely short poem.

I was  surprised to find that egrets and herons have places in the symbolism and mythology of many places. Look here to learn more.

And to close this brief wondering about egrets, a poem by Mary Oliver:


Where the path closed
down and over,
through the scumbled leaves,
fallen branches,
through the knotted catbrier,
I kept going. Finally
I could not
save my arms
from thorns; soon
the mosquitoes
smelled me, hot
and wounded, and came
wheeling and whining.
And that's how I came
to the edge of the pond:
black and empty
except for a spindle
of bleached reeds
at the far shore
which, as I looked,
wrinkled suddenly
into three egrets - - -
a shower
of white fire!
Even half-asleep they had
such faith in the world
that had made them - - -
tilting through the water,
unruffled, sure,
by the laws
of their faith not logic,
they opened their wings
softly and stepped
over every dark thing.


Mountainword said...

That looks like a snowy egret - they're all over in Florida.

Anonymous said...

You are is an Egret. We have them year round in the Gulf Coast area. They are beautiful birds. This bird may have had a problem while on it's way north. I volunteer at the Wildlife Rescue & Education Center in Houston and we have seen many more this year than usual. They are having parasites that are bringing them to our center. This one may have needed a break and will return south when your temps drop. It will gain strength and hopefully move on before your weather gets to cold. Then again, you have had such a hot summer it may have decided if it's gonna get hotter maybe this is far enough...LOL...

Granny Sue said...

How funny to have a bird named "snowy" be all over Florida, Jason!

Anon, thank you for the information. I wondered why the bird would be here now since it seems early or late for migration. I hope it is healthy and lost and not sickly and weak from traveling. I did not see it this morning, so perhaps it moved on.

Mama-Bug said...

Beautiful bird! It is an egret; they are in abundance here in NW Florida panhandle.

Carolyn Stearns Storyteller-Announcer said...

I've had the Snowy Egret in the ponds on our farm in Ct. too! They are so elegant! One pond in Pleasant Valley I have seen the Snowy Egret, Snowy Owl and the Snow Goose should change the name to Snow Valley. They know a bit of God's Country when they see it.

Susan at Stony River said...

Wow, it's lovely. I never got into birdwatching but I always wish I knew what I was looking at!

I've had the darnedest time commenting on Blogger blogs lately, not just yours -- frustrating, but I have been reading at least to keep up! I'm hoping that if I can ship the kids off to school in a few weeks, I can actually manage a phone call to catch up with you -- so much to hear and tell with a year gone by, but I just can't seem to catch up anywhere. I'm buried in immigration red tape and more -- your posts have been a wonderful break from it all!

Twisted Fencepost said...

We have a lot of them near the water down here in SC. I love to watch them.
On Lake Wateree there is a tree that when it becomes roosting time it looks like a Christmas tree lit up with white lights. It's fascinating to see.

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