Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Halliehurst

This won't be an entirely wordless post this week!

This is where my class on singing and song performance took place during Augusta Heritage's Irish/Celtic Week. It was built by Stephen Elkins, who was a railroad developer and timber man during the boom days, at the turn of the last century. he built it for his wife Hallie and named the mansion Halliehurst.  Most of the materials used to build the house were from West Virginia.
Our class was held in the library. (Lots of orbs in this photo...hmmm...)

The fireplace in the library. The carvings around the top are the zodiac signs.
Detail of the fireplace carvings.

The front entrance hall.

The ladies' room.
Playing with the camera! Both images are reflections of me as I took the photo.

Front staircase. The woodwork was stunning.

The fireplace in the "Veteran's room."

Not a bad place to have class! There were, I think, three pianos in the house, or perhaps more. I did not take photos of the third floor ballroom with its fairytale stained glass windows; there may have been another piano in that room as well.

Halliehurst is supposed to be haunted, and a couple experiences we had there make me think there is some truth to the story. You can read more about the supposed hauntings of Halliehurst here and here.


Mountainword said...

I love Halliehurst - and equally impressive is the Graceland Inn next door. I had the great privilege to spend a a night free in Graceland when I took a group of international educators on a tour of WV colleges/universities. Of course being me, I spent part of the night searching for signs of the ghosts in Graceland!

Jai Joshi said...

That is a gorgeous place! I wouldn't mind having a class there - any type of class!

Bet you had fun.


Granny Sue said...

I have pics of Graceland to share too, Jason--you're right it's even more impressive if that's possible. Cass and I both had odd experiences in Hallie hurst but we were only in Graceland briefly so nothing to report there.

Granny Sue said...

I hear you, Jai! It was just beautiful. What a place to sing.

Rowan said...

What a marvellous house, I shall follow the links later this week when I have time to read. I'm off out for the day shortly so am just doing a few quick comments. I'd love a chance to explore that house though, were you staying there or just taking classes?

Granny Sue said...

Unfortunately, we did not stay at Halliehurst, Rowan. We stayed in the dorms, and those were pretty spartan! Had to go buy two fans because no AC. The other house, Graceland, is an inn and we could have stayed there but it's really pricey especially in the summer. But one day I intend to spend a couple nights there. Like Jason, I'll probably be looking for the ghostly inhabitants too.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Beautiful place.
I love snooping around places like this.

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