Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday News

We worked at the old cabin site Saturday, still cleaning up the scattered lumber and pulling up the floor. While removing the last of 3 layers of linoleum, Larry found this newspaper sandwiched between linoleum and wood: March 2, 1942, when the US had only been in World War II a few months. The paper is very brittle and has many holes (looks like it was chewed by mice) but it is certainly interesting. I will post other photos of articles this week.

This is what the cabin site looks like now. Still more flooring to remove, and then we will disassemble the fireplace and move the stones to our house to rebuild. 

We took a different route to town, the road through the Twin Rocks which is usually not passable. It was dry and in fairly good shape, although there were some deep ruts here and there. The rocks, sadly, have been further defaced by people who feel the need to establish their presence via cans of spray paint. It's sad to think how long these rocks have stood guardian over the road and now they are being ruined by a few mindless visitors.
 Further out the ridge road, the views stretched for miles.

Bright blue chicory lined the road in some places.

We spent the evening cooking and visiting with family and friends, a relaxing time by the firepit to end a really good day. The moon was bright but the forecast of rain for Sunday was like whipped cream on top of the evening's dessert.


Jai Joshi said...

That newspaper is fascinating! It's like finding treasure under your floorboards.

Those pictures of the views are gorgeous!


Rowan said...

How different the cabin looks now from when you began work on it. The newspaper is a fascinating find and it will be interesting to see snippets from it. It was a different world then and not only because of the War. I don't think people would have defaced those wonderful rocks in those days.

laoi gaul~williams /I\ said...

what a shame those wonderful rocks have been defaced in that way :( sights like that always make me feel sad.

looking forwards to seeing some snippets of the newspaper~how exciting!

TheresaandJay said...

Sue, remember finding the newspapers in the attic. Well, the pieces of newspaper. It is so cool when we discover a little bit of history preserved. I think our future generations will be disappointed since everything is shredded or recycled now. Who uses newspaper for insulation now? I am amazed at all the hard work you all have done in moving the cabin. Hopefully, I can have a hand in rebuilding it at your house. Love you.

Angela said...

How cool! When you rebuild the cabin you should hide little tidbits throughout for others to find too! I wrote things under our fireplace mantel, steps, doors, trim, floors and whatever we've built on our house when we built it!

Nance said...

oh hey, I still line drawers and cupboards w/newspapers! You mean you pay for drawer/shelf liner? LOL guess I do too! I pay to have the newspaper delivered! Then I read it and reuse it!

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