Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Flowers, Fishing, Family and Fire--and a Fable

Late summer flowers
There was one great egret at the lake for weeks. One day two others appeared, stayed with the lone one for a day or two, and then they all flew off south together. Never have we had these birds here before. Did the two come to get the lost one? How would they know where he was? When I took this photo, I didn't know I had three birds in the lens. The one on the lower right was a surprise.

Fall fisherman on the Kanawha River

Hannah by the fire

Hannah by the fire 2

The end of a beautiful day


Mama-Bug said...

Love the photos Sue, especially the last one; the glass of wine beside the fire. Lovely way to wind down the day!

Granny Sue said...

Thanks, Mama-bug!

Country Whispers said...

That's the way I intend to wind down tomorrow night. There is just something about sitting all huddled around an outdoor fun that is sooo relaxing. It's the perfect way to start the weekend.

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