Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Dogs are Barkin'

And I'm not talkin' about my hounds, I am talkin' about my FEET! What a weekend! I bet we sold over $40,000 of used books yesterday and today. It was wild, exciting, exhilarating, and totally tiring. The library will benefit from our efforts and that's all that counts, right?

About $350 of that total was my contribution. I found some great bargains, some just curious and interesting books and some that are vital to my storytelling and writing research. My best, and most expensive, find was the complete West Virginia Encyclopedia by Jim Comstock, published about 1976. I needed it. I had most of it already, but was missing several volumes, and that is frustrating. Now I have all of it, and I can sell my first incomplete set on eBay and probably get back what I paid for the new set.

Second best buy, at least that I have researched so far, is a history of Ohio, bought for $2 and worth $100 or so. Not as good as last year's $3 buy that ended up being valued at $470, but good enough. I have many more to look up so I may yet find a hidden treasure.

We worked hard. Can  you imagine setting up about 35,000 items for sale in 5 hours? Then organizing the selling of those items? That's what we did. Tomorrow we'll know the final sales total, put away all the signs and supplies and pretty much just bask in the memory. Larry was our hidden hero because he worked many unscheduled hours, just helping out.

Tonight we're vegging out. Too tired to do much but read emails and Facebook, was a few dishes and a load of laundry. Tomorrow, it's back to business as usual. But for now, I just want to remember the many friends I saw, the books. the laughter, and the fun of this weekend.



Always great to remember the fun, in't it?

Granny Sue said...

It is, Ellouise. It was pretty cool and I'm pretty happy that it's the last one I have to do as a staff member. Next year, I'll be a shopper and workshop attendee--or maybe I'll have my own booth! That's a distinct possibility.

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