Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Story and Some Winners

I taped a new ghost story for airing by WV public radio this week. They played it yesterday. If you'd like to hear the story, just click this link. It's based on a true story from Wetzel County, WV (actually, it was still part of Virginia at the time of the story, 1850) about a murdered man's return from the dead to seek justice.

Today I will be helping with the awards program for the winners of the first-ever ghost story writing contest at our local library. I am looking forward to this. Winners will read their stories, I'll tell a tale and sing a ballad or two, we'll have some refreshments...a nice time, I think.

Later in the's turkey time! Time for those BIG birds to be put into the freezer. That will take up the rest of the weekend I'm sure, because there are 13 of them, and did I mention that they're BIG? I'm guessing each one weighs at least 20 pounds. 20x13=260 pounds of meat for the coming year. That will meet most of our poultry meat needs.

What's on your agenda this weekend? Oh goodness, I almost forgot, it's trick-or-treat tonight too! Well, there may be plenty of blood and guts around my place to creep 'em out. (Insert evil grin here)


Mama-Bug said...

I enjoyed listening to your story. Sounds like you've got a busy weekend getting all those birds ready for the freezer. Don't work too hard!

Granny Sue said...

Right now I'm trying to motivate the ol' man. He says he needs a nap! Well, he had a hard morning--had to get tires on my car while I was at the library and I'm pretty sure his jaw got a lot of exercise talkin' in the process! So maybe, after his nap, we can get to work :)

Janet, said...

We've been working with our pears all weekend. My sons gave out the treats at our house, one of them wore a gorilla mask and frightened a few of the kids. We told them he was a nice gorilla, but they still held tight to their mommy.

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