Monday, November 29, 2010

Sister Gifts

I mentioned the gifts my sisters and I exchange each year when we get together to make fruitcakes. We actually do this twice a year, except that our get-together at family reunion is plant centered--we bring plants from our gardens to exchange. I'm not sure which I like better, because both bring surprises as well as familiarity. We so often grow the same plants; we often like exactly the same things.

Here are some pictures of my gifts this weekend. I don't have any of the actual exchange because I was kinda busy :)

A basket full of gifts. The basket is from Theresa, the embroidery was made by Liz, the crocheted booties were made by Judy, the blackberry jam made by Cathy, the vintage fan from Julie, the vintage little choir boy candle from Judy (memories of these from our childhood, decorating for Christmas!) and the bottle of Chardonnay is from Julie (from the winery where she works).

A close-up of those booties. Aren't they pretty? I'll be wearing them to bed this winter! And the blackberry jam came so beautifully packaged by Cathy. I can't wait to taste it.

Liz's embroidered picture, made just for me. I had no idea she could do this. Isn't it beautiful? If you knew more of her story, you would be as amazed and proud of her as I am. She's one of my heroes.

Ah, Chardonnay! and not just any Chardonnay either. This is Grey Ghost Vineyard's Reserve Chardonnay, 2008 vintage. (I told you I liked vintage gifts!). This is hands down my favorite Chardonnay, and this bottle will be reserved for the holidays. 

Don't you love this little fan? Larry plans to rewire it, but Julie thought it would look good in my log room even if it doesn't work. I agree. I've never seen one like this.  That little choir boy--when we were kids, we had three mantles to decorate. We had several wax candles of Santa, trees, angels, and these little choir boys to use along with roll cotton, evergreens, and other items. Judy found these vintage candles--still in their wrappers! So cute, and such memories attached to them.

More gifts! From left: the vintage goblets and pitcher were packed in that big basket from Theresa. More about them in a minute. The little bottles are from Liz, who knows about my bottle tree; the tiny salt shakers and the "bling" ornament as she calls it are from Liz too. The red plate with a little knife at the back is from Julie--a friend of hers makes them. Imagine! The two vintage crystal wineglasses are also from Julie. Do my sisters know me or what?

A close-up of the red cheese plate and knife. Isn't it pretty?

Maggie brought cinnamon brooms for all of us as she continues to work on her project to make a quilt for each sister from fabric that belonged to our mother. She's made three or four so far and they're lovely. I added pine cones from Judy to Maggie's broom.

About those water goblets from Theresa: she gave me a set of six goblets and a matching pitcher, a lovely set.

Guess what I already had on my shelf at home?
Four of the exact same goblet! So now I have a set of 10 and with this big family, that's a real blessing.Isn't that neat?

Our sister Mary didn't have her gifts ready because of a wedding, a son deployed to Japan and such life events. We were just glad she was able to join us for a few hours with so much going on in her life these days. Her gift to us: being there to enjoy some of the day with us.

What did I give my sisters? Books, of course, and a few other neat little things I've picked up over the year, like handmade soaps, pretty glass bottles, vintage ornaments and a jar of our homemade apple butter for each.


Mama-Bug said...

What wonderful sisters you have! All of their gifts are so neat. I'm so jealous of that cute little fan, hope Larry can rewire it for you. Have a great week.

Granny Sue said...

Me too, Mama-bug. I;ll let you know if it actually works.

Angela said...

Such wonderful gifts! And you didn't have to wait until Christmas. That really is neat that you already had the same water goblets to match your new ones. You have such a sweet family. You are blessed!

I'm sure Larry will be able to rewire that cute little fan for you.

Rowan said...

You've had some lovely gifts but my favourites are the embroidery with its herb theme and the cinnamon broom - I'd have been thrilled with any of your gifts though.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Are they all real sisters or just sisters under the skin? And how come you're called Granny when you don't look like anything of the sort?

TheresaandJay said...

We are all real sisters, through and through! Sometimes it is eery how we think the same way and have the same likes and dislikes (politics excepted :)). Sue, I am sure I saw those goblets at your house but I didn't realize they were exactly the same. Pretty neat. What a lovely day we had, love you bunches.

Granny Sue said...

...and I am a grandmother, many times over, and a great-grandmother too :) with little Cadyn who is a year and a half old now. I feel so fortunate to be part of this large and loving family. And Theresa is right--we seem to have similar likes and dislikes, although in the arena of politics...well, let's just say there are creative differences :)

Janet, said...

Such nice gifts! I like the embroidery the best, too. She did a great job.

Granny Sue said...

Janet, you would be right at home with my sisters since you share many of our interests too.

Sherri Brake said...

Beautiful gifts. Sisters are special!

Granny Sue said...

They sure are, Sherri.

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