Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cards for Soldiers

Many people want to remember the soldiers during the holidays. Did you know there are many organizations with programs to help do that? And then there are the hoaxes--for every 10 good things, there is someone out there doing one weird thing, isn't there? So right off the bat, read this information about where NOT to send cards, letters and packages. 

Here are some legitimate places you can work with:

Operation Write Home organizes mailings for people who want to send homemade cards to soldiers. It is too late to send Christmas cards, but they work year-round, and soldiers like mail year-round too :)

Welcoming our soldier home in 2003.

The Red Cross operates Holiday Mail for Heroes Hurry--the deadline is December 10th! Just to speed things up, here's the mailing address:

Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD

Let's Say Thanks partners with Xerox Corporation to send personalized postcards to soldiers. Go to their site, click on a design created by a US child, write a message, and click send. That's so easy!

Soldier's Angels sends cards and care packages to soldiers and their families. You can adopt a soldier's family or send a backpack that can be adapted for soldiers with injuries or disabilities, among many other services offered by this organization.

Want to send a soldier a pre-paid calling card so he or she can call their family from overseas? AAFES has a program to help you do just that.

Sending him off again in 2007. Thank goodness he is now in a supposedly non-deployable unit.

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