Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snow on Snow on Snow

Yesterday was one of those busy but laid-back days when we took our time and did things we wanted to do, not had to do. Breakfast, shopping, a drive to find a tree and mistletoe. The drive was the best part of the day.

It has snowed, rained or otherwise precipitated every day but one in December. To me that makes a perfect December, but I know many people don't share my love of snow. Some days are small flurries, like yesterday morning, some have been gullywashing rains, and there's also been sleet, freezing rain...and snow. Our biggest snows have been about 5 inches; most are 2 inches or less, enough to make everything pretty but not too much trouble.

Here are a few photos of where we went on our drive:

Down Route 2, along the far western edge of West Virginia and the Ohio River. There did not seem to be as much snow along the river as there is at home.

Taking the long way home up a road called Trace Fork, so named because it was a major Indian trail from the Ohio River into central West Virginia, and then onward to points north and south.

Yet another Trace Fork barn, on the farm where a lady once lived we grew such pretty flowers in her fenced yard.

Near the head of Trace Fork, this beautiful farm opens up to the ridge. In the far back of the photo you can see where the road will go in a few minutes.

Taken from the ridge above the last farm pictured; you can barely see the ribbon of road skirting the edge of the trees in the left center of the picture. That's where I was when the last photo was taken.

Ah, this beautiful West Virginia ridgeland!

Far below, you can see just barely, some smoke drifting from the center of this photo. There was a house trailer almost completely burned out when we passed there. I don't know if the trailer was burned intentionally or not, but when we passed it there were still flames inside and no one was around. Very odd.

A tree full of mistletoe! We did not bother this tree however because we don't really know this landowner and I would not want to ask. We have another place to get it, a little closer to home, and permission too :)

And then on to home,

fire and eggnog. Perfect before leaving for an evening out.


Jai Joshi said...

I don't like snow when I'm driving. I only like it when I'm at home, snug before the fire, watching the snow fall through the window.

But your pics are very pretty. A winter wonderland! That final pic is the best.


Country Whispers said...

Beautiful snow pictures.
I too love the snow.
I love to get out and play a bit with the kids but more than anything I love to sit all warm in the house and have the snowy landscape to look out to.

Granny Sue said...

I like to look at it, and I don't mind driving in it--when there are not big piles of snow and ice on the roads, and/or no one else is out so it's safer. The roads are getting better, but there's more snow in the forecast. Tonight, though, there is a beautiful almost-full moon, and it's bone-chilling cold.

Nance said...

oh yeah. This is the kind of drive Himself and I take through the roads of southern Iowa and northern Mo. Love the photos. The relaxation . . . the letting it go part. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year. Beautiful country!

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