Thursday, December 9, 2010


I am blessed with friends and family who can knit. Last year I mentioned how much I missed the hand-knitted socks my mother used to make me. My feet were so warm in winter when I wore those socks. My last pair was gone, and my feet were sad and cold.

The rest of the story: three packages arrived during the year--three pairs of hand-knit socks from three different people.

I am wearing one pair today:

while the other two dry by the fire.

I hand-wash these socks

because I wear them pretty often, and also because they last better that way.

 One good thing about wearing dress pants and boots to work is that no one can see my socks so they don't have to match. Who knows but me that I wore purple socks with my green jacket and black pants yesterday? And my feet were comfy and warm all day.

My heartfelt thanks to Batsy in Idaho for the lovely purple socks,  Kate in New York State for the vibrant red ones, and my sister Judy here in West Virginia for the bright blue ones. You ladies rock, as well as knit!


Mama-Bug said...

Sue you must have the happiest feet in W Virginia! I love all those bright beautiful colors, and you have warm feet. Hugggss!

Farmchick said...

Nothing like warm, toasty toes. When my feet are cold, the rest of me is miserable. Love those purple socks.

Granny Sue said...

My feet are right tickled, Mama-bug ;)

Farmchick, I am exactly the same as you--cold feet make all of me unhappy. And my feet get cold very quickly so I am always looking for ways to keep them warm.

Anonymous said...

The wool for the purple socks came from, called Stroll Multi. I love all of the colors and the subtle variations in the spiral striping while knitting them. For serious sock knitters, they are part merino wool, which makes them very soft, but also contain nylon for long-lasting wear. Batsy

Granny Kate said...

Socks are supposed to match?

Nance said...

And do those blue ones have a "toe" knit in? Like the thumb on a glove? Cool! I could wear with flip flops!

Granny Sue said...

LOL, Granny Kate! In business world, I think so. I love seeing my granddaughters' wild socks--no two alike!

Nance, they don't but that's a neat idea. Some knitter will pick up on that, I bet.

Granny Sue said...

No wonder they're so soft, Batsy! They hold their shape well too. I love my socks :)

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