Monday, January 3, 2011

Begonia in Winter

A begonia blooms in my window 
waving its pinkness at winter 
hunched beyond thin glass. 


Nance said...

I had a vision of that begonia sticking it's tongue out at the old man winter . . . nananana nana!

Mama-Bug said...

House plants are so cheerful during these dreary winter months. Hope you're staying warm!

Char5 said...

The begonia, "I am so glad that my sweet Granny Sue brought me into her nice warm house~she is such a dear".
I love your beautiful lace curtains, too. My mom has lace and loves that they let in so much wonderful sunshine all winter.

Granny Sue said...

I find that my plants actually do better in front of windows even though it's colder there than in other places in the house. The light I suppose is why, but I think the humidity is also higher by the windows.

Charlotte, :)

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