Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coffee and Tea

we perk it
we gulp it
from sturdy mugs
and on-the-go-cups.
It gets us going.

we brew it
we sip it
from china cups.
It relaxes us.

Thank goodness for both.


  1. I drink tea so I can stuck my pinky out!

  2. It's tea for me. But never iced. I remember my first iced tea. A neighbor offered tea -- I was maybe twelve at the time. I was so pleased until she brought this tall glass of cold tea. I drank it. I was too polite not too. I thought she just didn't know how to make it right. She even put ice cubes in it.

  3. I love that image, Granny Kate! The poor woman, just didn't know any better.

    And Warren, that pinky...I'm trying to visualize.

  4. I wish I liked tea, they say it is very good for you. But, I just never acquired a taste for it. My mom loved tea. I do drink a little coffee, though.


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