Saturday, February 12, 2011

Busy Saturday

Last night we finally sat down to review our garden seed order. It was so easy this year--I'd kept my orders from last year, we reviewed them tweaked a little here and there and we were done. Now I am online, trying to get my orders in. And boy is it slow. I can make phone calls, wash dishes, and write this blog while the websites slowly load my requests.

I've been working on stories today too, making a flannelboard story for a Korean tale, researching dragon stories, making lists and looking through my books. Messy day but it feels good.

My to-do list is long right now so I'm trying to stay focused and move through it, one thing at a time. We will take time off to go to a concert tonight, though--the Battlefield Band is in Charleston and I've got tickets!

Tomorrow it will be back to working through the list, but tonight we get to play.

I hope your Saturday has been good too.


Mama-Bug said...

Have a wonderful time at the concert tonight. We'll be waiting to hear all about it soon!

Granny Sue said...

It was incredible, Mamabug! I will post photos tomorrow--er, actually, that would be today, wouldn't it? :)

Rowan said...

I'm being a good girl and catching up on things - letter writing, washing and ironing and answering e-mails not to metion going through various piles of paper and dealing with them. Not bills and stuff like that but all the local history, family history and other interest related stuff that needs sorting out and dealing with. Much the same sort of weekend as you really - I like doing stuff like this especially when it's raining and I'm not being tempted out into the garden:)

Granny Sue said...

It satisfying to get all the paper put where it is supposed to be, isn't it? I'm back at it today, with a brief side trip to hang out laundry. It's a beautiful day, already almost 50 degrees. With the wind blowing, the clothes will dry quickly.

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