Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Valentine's Surprise

It wasn't for me. And it didn't come from Larry or me.

A brightly striped bag was delivered by our mailman today. Larry assumed it was a valentine's gift for me and left it on the table.

But it was for him--a gift from the Silverton Grange for veterans.

What a thoughtful idea. Larry got a kick out of all the valentines, especially the big-eyed dogs. And the chocolate, of course!

Thank you, Silverton Grange. Your thoughtfulness made our evening.

(The beautiful rose in the green vase was Larry's valentine to me. Perfect--no calories and lovely to look at.)


momalizzie said...

That's very thoughtful!

Granny Sue said...

Isn't it? And such a surprise too.

Nance said...

That is awesome that they took the time to remember the Veterans. Give my thanks, to Larry too! My husband is a Vietnam era Vet. He didn't get shipped out of the States but was like 3 or 4th in line to go to Nam when the war ended. My folks lived thru World War II and let me tell you, Dad's hat was off and his hand on his heart when he saw the Red White & Blue. The Service Men were highly respected in our home.

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