Friday, March 11, 2011


Regular readers know I try to be frugal. I've never thought of myself as a cheapskate exactly, but just as someone who prefers not to spend her money wastefully and to be mindful of how I spend. Along with that, I also am aware of my impact on the environment. The two together, apparently, put into a new category of frugality: I'm a green cheapskate.

I had never heard the term until Wednesday, when the original green cheapskate came to give a talk at the library. It was a lunchtime program so I took my lunch and headed up to listen. The title of the program didn't tell me that I would be so entertained! Jeff Yeager, who is so cheap, apparently, that his wallet is filled with dust, was funny, intriguing and engaging. And made me realize that there are a lot of other people who live the same way we do, buying used, watching prices, being careful at the grocery store and trying limit our impact on the environment by making good choices.

He made us laugh when he said that while millions of people have read his book, they all check it out at the library or read it in the back of the book store. And I would bet that many of you who are also mindful of how you spend are already thinking, "Gee, I ought to go down to the lbirary and check his book out!" I might actually part with some cash and buy a copy, if the information in it is presented in as lively and interesting a way as Mr. Yeager's presentation.

One good example of how he and his wife save on groceries: he doesn't buy any food that costs more than $1.00 a pound. That means he eats a lot of chicken and turkey, and maybe pork when it's on sale. He doesn't eat out of season either, so while tomatoes are over $2 a pound right now, he's probably eating salads without them. Apples are probably on his shopping list now, but berries and nectarines? Probably not. He admitted that he does occasionally splurge on a steak or other meats but it's a rarity.

If you're into saving money and living responsibility on the planet, you might want to check out Yeager's  books and his blog, The Daily Green.


Janet, said...

He has an interesting sight. Maybe I can check is book out at the library

Jai Joshi said...

You met Jeff? Cool! He's one of my forum buddies from Writer's Digest Forum. We've been internet friends for ages and have followed each other's progress as we published our books and did book tours all over the country.

He's funny and has great insight into how to make life a little easier by being thrifty. He's a great guy too and always ready to have a laugh. I'm happy to know that you've met him.


Granny Sue said...

Small world, Jai--although I did not actually meet him. I tend to hang back at events like this, not wanting to impose on the presenter. But he was charming and I was very glad I went to the program. If you happen to contact him, let him know about this review, please?

I did not know you had a book! Tell me more!

hathawayupton said...

" Do or do not there is no try" Yoda

Granny Sue said...

My world has more than black and white or off and on, hathaway. So in my world there is room and respect for those who try. I prefer not to live my life by movie quotes.

The Gingerbread House7 said...

Thanks for that little tidbet! I'm always trying to be thrifty ..and every little hint helps.

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