Monday, March 21, 2011

A Kingdom of Rust

High on a mountain on the side of  the road there lurks a strange menagerie:

horses and skeletons and rusted knights of old,

 wind veins of forgotten things fly as pennants in the breeze,

 and point to dire warnings for dogs of all kinds.

 Here Don Quixote rides again, his bones a-rattling against the sides of his steely steed
  while far above a fair damsel waits in some distress from her castle window high
 while the firebird or eagle (take your pick) surveys all with a glassy eye

and the Don's gun is at the ready even if he may be a little slow on the draw.

 The gates to this kingdom guard its secrets and hold its occupants hostage to the passing curious eyes,

while in the brush another creature, dangerous and dark, waits for the unwary trespasser.

(We saw this sculpture "garden" on top of South Mountain, I believe it was, in Pendleton County, WV. Jason and Matthew, I hope you can tell us more about this place. Very strange.)


Mama-Bug said...

Susanna that's one neat post today.
Whoever made these sculptures has such a creative mind. Definitely would love to know more about them too!

Susie Swanson said...

I love this post, yes someone is very creative!

A Vintage Green said...

Not often you get to see these rusted and re-purposed metal sculptures. Enjoyed seeing them. A very little bit of this seems to happen on old farms, more like mower seats and tines hiding in the tall grasses. The deliberate creations - primitive art.
- Joy

Mountainword said...


These sculptures have been there since, if I remember correctly, the late 1980s. I'm not certain about the artist - if I remember correctly the guy is a Vietnam Vet who worked through his anguish by making these things. I passed them all the time when I was in undergrad in Virginia. I kinda like the bird one, but the rest of them creep me out.
They're located between Franklin and Ft. Seybert in Pendleton County, and it may be South Mountain. I'm not sure about the exact mountain. Matthew may know more about these.

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