Friday, March 25, 2011

Sister Blogs

Two of my seven sisters are now blogging, and I wanted to share their blogs with you.

Judy (who is next youngest in age from me) owns Hidden Trails Stables, which is located at Lost River State Park in Mathias, West Virginia. She owns a string of 22 horses. That's a lot of babies to care for, and each one of them is exactly that, her baby. Judy is starting a series of posts about her horses, and I am going to enjoy getting to know them. Most of our family has ridden these horses during our family reunions in May and at other times of the year. The horses are gentle and easy to ride and love to have riders.

Hidden Trails also has a website with some great pictures, like these:

This photo is Spot, the horse Judy wrote about in her most recent blog:

Maggie started a blog last year about a quilt project she started. She planned to make quilts (from our mother's clothes) for each of us sisters. Mom loved pretty flowered fabrics and after she passed away we hated to part with her things. So Maggie took them and last year embarked on her project. Anyone who quilts knows it is not easy. Maggie is learning as she goes and sharing her thoughts about quilting and other things in her life as she works. She doesn't post frequently but when she does her thoughts are well worth reading.

Here is a photo of her work, from her blog:


Angela said...

I'll go take a peek at their blogs! I have started quilts but haven't finished them. Sad I know.... Sounds like that would be fun to have a sister who has a stable like that!

Granny Sue said...

She's a hard worker, Angela. She's also a registered nurse and works some long hours. And babysits grandkids in her spare time. Maggie is a teachers aide for kindergarten or preschool and also has her grandchildren most weekends. You'd love both of them!

Hidden Trails Stables said...

Sue, thanks for getting my blog out there, and for helping me get started with it. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun! Love talking about my horses!!!!

Nanjemoy Nana said...

Hey Sue Thank you! That's so nice. I'm not a frequent writer. Roger and Lizzy get on me about that sometinmes. :)
I told them I'll work at it. Thank you for sending Angela our way. What a swwet person!

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