Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What a Run

It has been hectic lately. Usually March is laid back, a month for tidying up after winter and getting ready for the gardens. This month? It's been unusual to say the least.

Not that there's been anything big--well, except for the Storytelling Retreat the first weekend. And then I offered to put together a basket for the storytelling guild to donate to my library's silent auction event on April 9th. I thought I had plenty of time, but who would have guessed the baskets had to be completed and turned in by March 10th! I begged a little extra time and got it done over the weekend.

Then there was the rally in Charleston this past Saturday, and a concert in Marietta on Sunday with Robbie O'Connell and Aoife (pronounced Eefa. like Eva with an f) Clancy, his cousin. They are the next generation of the famous Irish musicians the Clancy Brothers and are stellar performers. I think I might have heard Aoife when she performed with Cherish the Ladies a few years back.

Robbie was my teacher at the August Heritage Irish Week workshop last summer. I was delighted to be able to hear him again and we even had a minute to talk. What joys life can bring us.

However, there are some looming deadlines and I have been spending every spare moment working towards them: the West Virginia Writers Competition deadline is today, this weekend I have my ballad-to-story workshop to present at the Virginia Storytelling Gathering in Harrsonburg, VA, and next Thursday I present a workshop for West Virginia librarians on story ideas for this summer's reading program. Follow that Friday night with a school program. I also need to write a review of some poetry books this week, and I still haven't started any seeds. Or my taxes. Ack!

It's all good, though. I would not agree to do these things if I didn't love the work, and I know I can manage it even if I'm hyperventilating a little. I keep looking ahead to May 10th and retirement, when I will have full days to concentrate on storytelling, gardening and writing. Note that none of those occupations require me to lay out huge amounts of cash! Which is probably a good thing since income will drop pretty significantly with retirement. More time, less money. I'll take it.

What else? Oh, my youngest sister celebrates a birthday tomorrow, and several of my sisters will meet me in Harrisonburg before the conference for a lunch date. How cool is that! I'm all for mixing business with pleasure.

Anyway, that is where I have been. I have more stories to share soon. Tell me, though--what have you been up to? I miss your comments when I'm not able to blog daily.


Susie Swanson said...

Sounds like you've been busy. March is a very busy month for me too. Getting ready to garden, painting,etc. I always have lots to do this time of year but will gladly do it. Even though I miss my quilting, still try to find a little time for it when it's a rainy day. Hope you have a nice evening. Susie

Granny Kate said...

I love reading about what all you do. Did you ever hear a song called WEST VIRGINIA MAN? Well, all those things he could do before suppertime! I don't believe he'd keep up with Granny Sue when she's on a run.

A Vintage Green said...

You've been and are going to continue to be busy. Its tax time and I look after 7 family taxes, busy.I look forward to reading your blog.
- Joy

Granny Sue said...

Kate, I don't know that song. Now I'll have to find it :)

And Susie, I have always wanted to try quilting, Maybe when I retire?

SEVEN taxes, Joy? I won't cry any more :) That's a lot of work. I need to stop by your blog too, to get my vintage fix.

Janet, said...

You are a busy bee, Susanna. I mailed my entries in today. I wish us both the Luck of the Irish.

Granny Sue said...

Thanks, Janet. Mine are in too. I'm not too hopeful this year, but at least I mad the effort.

momalizzie said...

I've missed your blog!! Seems like I can't keep up with your strides, but it's fun reading about all you do! CANNOT wait to see you on Friday. Practically jumping in my chair as I write this because I'm so excited!!!


Granny Sue -- I have one thing to say -- you definitely will be as busy or busier once you retire, it just works out that way. Only then it will be what you want to be involved with not the employers choice. barbara (retired and lovin it)

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