Thursday, June 16, 2011

On the Storytelling Trail

Storytelling Monday and Tuesday, storytelling today. It's a busy week of stories! I'm on the road to the northern panhandle of West Virginia, with two programs scheduled. Then this weekend is the WV Folk Festival at Glenville, where I'll be in the Singing Tent Friday afternoon and in the Oral Traditions Tent Saturday. Lots of music, stories, good friends and good times coming up.

Yesterday Larry hung up the hammock we found at Goodwill last fall. He's been so anxious to get it hung, and no wonder! Like father, Clyde is Larry's shadow whenever he's outside, always in the way in the gardens, under the truck with him, you name it. Apparently he's also Larry's naptime buddy.

We focused on house things pretty much all day--Larry thinned the carrots and brought a nice bunch into the house. I caught up laundry, washed pillows and sheets, dusted, worked a little in my gardens, made a couple lavender wands,

made some vegetable soup to use up odds and ends in the fridge, went to the store, had dinner with a friend and got the craft ready for tomorrow's programs. I really like this craft--it's a blue dragon, made with blue paper bags, cotton balls, and assorted bits. It's based on the blue dragon of Korea that guards the east. After researching Asian dragons I think that I am going to develop a program just on dragons. Fascinating folklore.

Off to tell stories!

1 comment:

warren said...

I love the hammock idea! I didn't think you let Larry take naps though!

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