Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Day of Stories and Memories

There are so many thoughts I want to write about tonight. Like the children at the storytelling today--all 130 of them listening,sharing, laughing, singing. The adults, listening and sharing too.

Or the heat that slams us in the face, unbelievably heat that I have not experienced in some time.

Or the librarian who works so hard, writes grants, coordinates, brings along her grandchildren, always looking for the best thing for the people in her community.

Or my friend who offered her cabin to stay in while I'm 200 miles from home, telling stories.

Or the evening spent with my friend and her husband and their friend as  they played bluegrass and old-time and I sang a few ballads.

Or the music of the tree frogs in the trees outside this cabin, after the sun went down.

Or the little girl who sang the Marine Corps anthem.

Or the convoy of military vehicles, filled with young soldiers in uniform that held up traffic, but no one blew their horns or seemed to care about a few lost moments.

Or the carnival set up in this blistering heat, yet filled with people willing to brave it for a little time with friends.

Or the people who came to listen to ghost stories in  a converted icehouse on a hot July night.

Or going into a Goodwill store all these miles from home and running into a friend who is also far from home, here for a family reunion.

Or the phone call from ny granddaughter, telling me they had picked 4 gallons of blackberries for me and what did I wnat them to do with them?

Or talking to Kermit, the man who raises the blackberries and wishing I could mdeet him in person.

Or knowing my son the Sergeant Major will be gone on another trip before I can get home to say goodbye again--but he picked the blackberries before he left.

Or my daughter-in-law and granddaughters who are traveling in Ireland, listening to Irish music and perhaps finding new stories of their own.

It's been an interesting day, filled with memories I've filed away for future remembering pleasure. It has been a day that reinforces what I'm doing and why.

(Forgive the typos. I am not so good on this laptop)


Debbie Couture said...

Sue, You certainly have a varied life. Lots of great connections. You certainly do seem to be where you should be even if it is all over the place. Have a good week-end.

Country Whispers said...

Sounds like a very special day spent with great people!
Oh, and WOW 130 people!!
That's awesome.

Granny Sue said...

The variety is what I enjoy, Deb--but more important is being aware of the things that happen, mindful is the word, I think.

Jessica, it was great! I've told to over 1000, and I've told to 4--both have their rewards.

Nance said...

this entry gave me goose bumps. Bumping into a friend from home. Your Sergeant Major son getting ready to "ship" out but picking your blackberries for you, your "girls" traveling in Ireland. Generosity of friends and family. The coming together of strangers. The respect for the soldiers and vets. This US of A is awesome! and I think we might find "GrannySu" in the dictionary under "missionary".

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