Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Hundred to Cameron and Mannington

Some of my favorite photos from my trip to the northern panhandle of West Virginia:

Littleton, WV:
 I think this used to be a boarding house, perhaps?

 Probably a bank building at one time, with buildings to either side. Now it stands alone and empty.

 The old bus station at Littleton.

 Rounding a curve on the way to Cameron.

 The restoration project at Cameron. The depot will be lovely when completed.

 Abandoned bridge at Hundred, WV,

 and a covered bridge still in daily use, also in Hundred.

 The Round Barn near Mannington, WV.

Inside the barn. It's a museum now, and was closed when I was there. I got this shot by pressing the camera lens to the window glass.

An old school building, re-purposed as a youth center, in Mannington. I think there must have been a turret on top of the clock tower at one time. The clock still chimes the hour. I wonder how long the city will be able to keep up with this amazing building--it must be costly to maintain. What a treasure, though.

There were many more photos to share. I will try to post more tomorrow.


Mama-Bug said...

I loved all these old buildings! The round barn had to be my favorite. Hope you're having a great week!

A Vintage Green said...

Buildings unique to our time, Treasures fading.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Love the round barn, even if I've no idea why anyone would construct such a thing. We've got a round church here in Cambridge.

Granny Sue said...

A friend identified the one I thought was a bank as the old coal company store in Littleton. Thanks, Rich!

I love the round barn too. It was built in 1912 and cost $1900 at the time, which wasa big chunk of change. I'm like you, John, wondering why he wanted to build it like that. If I'm ever in the area when they're open (Sunday afternoons only) I would love to go in and take photos inside.

Anonymous said...

My mom grew up in Littleton and Hundred! I know exactly where all these buildings are. It was nice to see someone else loves the old memories!


Anonymous said...

My mother also grew up in Littleton. Now lives in St. Louis. Her mom (my Grandmother) was Pearl Williams (nee Crow). She died in 1980 though. I remember visiting my Grandmother when I was young. We use to go to Littleton every other year or so. My Mom and her brothers and sisters lived and grew up in a house on what she called "Petits Flat". Not sure of the spelling.

Ashley said...

I wonder if your mother knows mine! Cheryl Shreve

Anonymous said...

The school building in Mannington is not repurposed. It is an active middle school serving 4th through 8th grades. It is the oldest working school building in the state of West Virginia.

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