Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vintage Thursday

Some fun finds to share:

At an auction in May I found old-time ice trays--the aluminum ones that have a lever to pull to loosen the cubes.

There were three of them; two were double trays. I have never seen these type before, but they make a lot of big cubes. One tray is missing its divider but it doesn't hurt the way it makes ice.

When I make dill pickles, I need to cover them with ice for several hours. With these trays it's a snap.
You can see the difference in the size of the cubes: on the left is from the old ice trays, on the right is a cube from a plastic tray.

At Goodwill yesterday, I found these neat things:

A Marcrest Daisy Dot bean pot in excellent condition. In the background to the left is a Hull vase and Imperial milk glass salt and pepper shakers, also found at a Goodwill store in the past month. All of these items are listed on my eBay. The little statuette of the girl with flowers is still in research mode. I doubt she's valuable but I liked her so she may live with me.

A 1983 brass napkin holder from Teleflora, vintage 1986. It's very pretty and in excellent condition. I saw three of these on eBay, one for 99 cents and 2 for about $15. Go figure. I may list this one, or I might use it. I like its shape, and at 50 cents it was a nice find.

Funky hand-shaped bottle. eBay has two listed, one says it held Mennen Skin Bracer, the other that it held a hand lotion. I think the hand lotion is more likely--or maybe there were two manufacturers using the same bottle? The lid has a faintly perfume-y scent which could be from hand lotion, or perhaps a former owner had something else in it. I think I will list this one for sale; it's certainly a unique item. I can see it in a bathroom with bubble bath or lotion in it, or maybe filled with something green or black for Halloween, or in the kitchen filled with dish soap...many possibilities!

We're heading to the auction today, so I may have some more good finds to show next week. Have you been junking lately? Find any cool things?


Mama-Bug said...

Loved all your new found treasures! Boy do I remember those old aluminum ice trays. Hope you're having a great week!

Granny Sue said...

I am, Mama-Bug. Same back to you :)

Carolyn H said...

Those old aluminum trays bring back a lot of memories of when i was growing up. Mostly I remember the ice gathering around the tiny freezer part of the refrigerator. I've never seen those double trays before either.

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

I grew up with trays like those in our freezer. When you got ice out of one you better empty the tray into the ex-ice cream bucket and refill the tray of Mama would be looking to warm your hide! To this day, several decades later I ALWAYS refill the trays even though they're plastic these days.

Ellie said...

My mom has a 50 yr old fridge in her basement with those very same trays, still percolating along. In fact, it keeps her veggies fresher than the newer, more respectable looking fridge in her kitchen!

Granny Sue said...

Isn't it funny how something so simple can generate so many memories? We had these too, and boy did we get in trouble if we pulled on the handle too hard without running water over the tray first--once those handles are bent the trays are never the same.

We had one of those old fridges when I was a girl too, Carolyn. The freezers sure didn't hold much, and people with deep freezes were considered extremely lucky. Of course, those needed defrosting too and that was a real job.

R said...

Oh, Susannah, I just saw two pleasant surprises! My Grandma had those exact ice cube trays (well, ones like them, ha) for all the years I remember her (many!), and your beanpot...I found one JUST LIKE it at the thrift store and it's been my tea caddy now on my kitchen table the last year or so...we have twin bean pots! :) :) Thanks for your comments over at my blog...did you have any luck with your husband trying black beans, and has he noticed any results? I put them in so many things now, and am also trying Nopal cactus pads (separately), and other high fiber foods. GOT to get this diabetes kicked! It was SO good hearing from you :) I rarely get to the computer now as I did in years past, but it's not out of my system...I love to get back here whenever possible!


Granny Sue said...

Hello, Robbyn! I'm in the same shape you are, trying hard to keep up with everything. And we have not yet tried the black beans--I forgot all about it, life has been that crazy. Thank you for reminding me. i'm going to the store tomorrow and I will be sure to get some. I am excited about the possibility that they can make a difference.

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