Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yuck. Sick.

What a day. I thought I had gotten the better of this cold, but it snuck up from behind and got me in the throat. So today it's been like this: Netti Pot, ZiCam, Goldenseal gargle and Goldenseal in my tea, Peroxyl gargle, Ibuprofen, chamomile tea, chicken noodle soup and a few cough drops. Nasty things, colds.

Still, we progress. The new gas refrigerator is currently getting cold, I hope. It's about the same size as the one we had. Pics tomorrow, I promise! The block came for the foundation of the new log room. Larry cut some grass in between other projects.

I sniffled and felt sorry for myself, made some bread and some chicken soup with homemade noodles (throwaway soup again--this time I had leftover chicken and some cooked broccoli, cauliflower and carrots and the noodles; added garlic, dried crushed celery leaves, a little salt and pepper and a couple bay leaves), did a little laundry and cleaned up behind Larry, who is absolutely the messiest man when it comes to doing something that requires tools. He gets the job done, but he leaves a wide wake!

This evening I've worked on eBay, listing more things and getting things ready to mail. I do enjoy doing this, sorta like making money in my spare time. And I get to browse around junk stores and find neat stuff. Win-win.

Larry also picked a bushel of peppers so guess what I'll be doing tomorrow? He's bringing in pumpkins and butternut squashes too. The gardens are really done, but a few hardy tomato plants are keeping us in tomatoes still, and lettuce and greens are thriving in the cover crop on the lower garden. Last evening I thawed the last of last year's cider and canned it in quart jars, which are so much easier to use than big frozen gallons.

The new chickens (the ones we raised from chicks this year) are beginning to lay so we're getting some cute little pullet eggs. There's a new rooster in the henhouse too--I don't know what kind of chicken he is but he's so cute, looks like he has a buzz cut or something. We'll be culling old hens soon, and they will be canned so that they'll be tender enough to eat.

One thing we have not missed is the pressure of getting in firewood. Every fall that was the dominating chore that had to be taken care of. With free gas, we can heat with ease. I cannot tell you how nice it is. I used to worry about what we'd do when we got old--would we still be able to get in wood? Now we need only get in enough for the fireplace.

Time for bed; last night was a sleepless one so tonight I hope to make up for lost time. Sleep tight, friends.


Country Whispers said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon and that you get a good nights rest tonight.
Can't wait to see pics of the new fridge.

Mama-Bug said...

I sure hate it when those germs sneak up and make you sick. Hope you're feeling better real soon! I love the idea of the gas refrigerator. utility bills just keep climbing higher and higher. I think it's cool you have your own gas well.

Nance said...

yes, Sue, get better Quick! I'm sure glad you have that natural propane and don't have to worry about getting fire wood in... although, as my dad used to say, getting the fire wood in for the winter warmed a man twice! get well quick! (even sick, you are a whirl wind! lol)

A Vintage Green said...

You are doing everything possible for that cold ! Get better soon. Colds are like robbers, stealing your time and energy.

The gas is going to make such a positive difference in your lives.

- Joy

Janet, said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, Susanna. I think there is a meeting tonight - are you going to be able to come to it?

Granny Sue said...

Thanks, everyone, for the well wishes (now I know where that phrase comes from!). I took Nyquil last night in desperation to get some sleep. It worked like a charm--I slept like a rock. Today I feel a little better, but not much :/ So I'll be keeping a low profile, putting more stuff on eBay, catching up a little mending maybe--oh, and moving all the food into the new fridge. She's nice and cold this morning!

Granny Kate said...

Get well. I'll not spout all the cold fighting remedies -- I know you know them well. Good wishes for a speedy recovery, though, I do send.

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