Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Junking and Found Treasure

A Facebook notification told me there would be a giant yard sale yesterday. On Monday? I don't know about where you live, but here that's pretty rare. Rain threatened again yesterday morning but I was up and out anyway, anxious to be at the sale at the start. You know how these things are, if you're into yard sales. The good things go fast and early.

It was worth the early start. Tables were loaded with items of all description. Men were stirring kettles of apple butter and vegetable soup. There was a table of baked goods and there were plenty of happy, helpful workers ready to hand out bags or boxes. I grabbed a box and started loading it up. Here's a sample of what I found:

It's hard to see in those boxes, isn't it? That large fan thingy is made of some sort of plastic--but can't you see it painted white? I'll spray it and then put it in eBay.

Here's a better look at some things that are hidden from view:

These wood canisters are in pretty good condition, they just need cleaning up. The McCoy planter on top of them has a crack in it unfortunately, but is still pretty.

A mug that says "100% Buckeye" on the bottom (need to look that up), a gilt mirror tray, a pale green Anchor Hocking jar, and best find of this lot--a Roseville planter in perfect condition. The tapestry runner was also part of the finds.

Blue Bubble plates, copper-colored aluminum sugar and creamer and a Buckeye root beer mug

Gold ceramic ducks, green planters, brass candlesticks, salt cellars, tulip lamp

Wicker mirror with a storage basket beneath, and a tin tray made in South Africa

Little made-in-Japan lamp (no, I didn't pay $1 for it) and a wood spice rack minus bottles, along with a wood-burned Morse code (more about that tomorrow).

A lovely handpainted Japanese-made tea set complete with china tray, but missing one lid (I think I can find a replacement)

Refrigerator container lids, a funny fish plate an old white ceramic doorknob complete with dirt and vintage salt and pepper shakers that about as old as I am.

Wood candlebra set. They are for hanging on the wall, but I kinda like them put together like this. Painted, these would be very cool.

And a cute yellow and white wood chair that I believe is pretty old under that paint.

That's just some of what I brought home. Now to the real work: cleaning it all up, looking it up and listing it on eBay.


Mama-Bug said...

We never find neat stuff like that in my neck of the woods! Great finds!

Nance said...

I'm spending too much time on Facebook. I was out there looking for the "like" button. Love this stuff, Sue! My husband isn't as accepting as yours. oh, er, wait . . . you mean I am supposed to sell some of it on Ebay?

Enjoyed the post, never the less! : )

A Vintage Green said...

Major score - great stuff. Your new chair is old - arrowback slats, great turnings. A Monday GS - no way, how good is that !

- Joy

Mountainword said...

Hi GSue,

Think twice before you paint the candleabra - if you're planning to sell them on eBay, there's a huge market for that type of candleholder. They sell similar kinds in Country Sampler magazine for around $50 or more, depending on the size. Love the chair!

Granny Sue said...

Mama-bug, it's not that common to find such good things here either. I hit it lucky--but I do find church sales can be the best yard sales for the prices and the merchandise.

I hear you, Nance! My husband sort of sighs and looks away...but he likes that I can make some money at it. Not riches, but it's covering some bills :)

Granny Sue said...

Joy, thanks for verifying the chair. My son has one similar to it that came from an antique shop and was about $50 I think--his is not painted though. The seat is what I noticed as being similar--all one piece of wood, I believe. I wish you could have seen me scurrying around loading boxes! In the end, the whole lot cost me $20.

Granny Sue said...

Thanks for the heads up on painting the candlebra, Jason. I was going to list them as is because I wasn't sure what color might be in demand. I have two others I found at a thrift shop that I'll be listing too--they're brass though, but pretty heavy.

Granny Kate said...

I have a chair very like one -- without the paint. I saw another like mine at an antique store in Lewisburg with a pricetag of $125. These chair are small and have a feel of substance to them when you pick them up. Lewisburg is pricey on things, but still an indication of possibly worth.

Marie (once The Tile Lady) said...

Love all your finds! This was quite a treasure hunt!

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